Monday Musings: The Return to School After a Long Weekend at Home Edition

I spent the last four days at home which was a very nice experience!

I miss home when I’m at school and I miss school when I’m at home … If only I could have both.

I’ve been working towards being happier and healthier here at school and I think I am doing a great job.

For one thing I am very excited about a number of projects that I am working on! One of which is my independent study work on Korean Literature. My books arrived while I was away so I picked them all up from the library. There are a lot.


Such a stylized photo that I took there. I’m happy to be back and to be getting to work.

For this evening though I shall relax!

This was just a quick update so not much content wise but I plan on writing out a bunch of things for the blog tomorrow so look forward to that content!

This was my first time using the WordPress app on my phone and while it definitely isn’t as good as the full thing. Definitely workable.

I hope you guys have a good week! I’ll talk to you soon!


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