Mon-Friday Musings: The Monday Meals Edition

I have instituted a program of sorts in our apartment at school.  I will cook a large meal once a week that everyone can take part in and they pay me for their portion.

Its a win win for everybody.  They get to eat some delicious homemade food and I get to cook and eat things that I can’t make a single portion of.

This week Taylor and I were the only ones who ate but it was still delicious.


I made pasta with butternut squash and goats cheese.  It was basically a recipe I had seen a while ago on the food network.  I’m not a chef, I don’t make my own recipes; not yet at least.


There were plenty of leftovers because I was cooking for four and the only people who ended up eating are the two housemates who eat the least, but I’m hoping that this Monday’s meal will be more of a hit.



If not it isn’t that big of a deal really.  I still get to cook and I have more food to eat throughout the week.

Do you guys like to cook?  What do you like to cook?




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