Monday Musings: The Graduate School Fair Recap Edition

So last Tuesday with my Anthropology Capstone class I attended my schools Graduate School Fair.

Essentially they get a bunch of colleges and universities with graduate programs to send a recruiter with pamphlets about the programs their school offers and you can learn a little bit about those programs that way.

Now the problem with this is that so many of us have no freaking clue what we want to do and those that due know what they want to do probably have a very specific list of schools they want to go to.

Graduate school isn’t like Undergraduate you can do your undergraduate education just about anywhere and it will be more or less the same, now obviously some school have better programs in a specific field than others but most colleges have most programs in one form or another.

When applying for Graduate school you are applying for a very specific program to do a very specific thing.

Before attending I had to sit in my room with everything shut off and rather than think about what I wanted to do I had to think about where I wouldn’t hate being every single day of my life.  This is a major decision, it costs a lot of money and its specialized training you need to know what you want to do, not to mention that if you don’t have a very clear goal in mind you would probably get rejected from most schools in the first place.

I eventually ended up with a book store or a library.  That was a starting place and while I think I would make a great children’s librarian, it is something I’m passionate about it doesn’t include everything I want so I thought a little harder.  It is clear that I care more about my English degree than I do about my anthropology degree.  While I really love anthropology and I think it helped sculpt not only the way I look at the world but the way I look at literature I don’t think I could do it every day for the rest of my life.  I could do things with books every day for the rest of my life, I’ve been doing that for most of my life already any way.

It was when I started doing research for my anthropology work that really set off what I think I want to do.  I think that I would enjoy translating texts from East Asian languages.  I have been teaching myself Korean, which is going … slowly … but it is going, I also want to learn Japanese and Mandarin.  I was looking for Korean texts that have been translated into English and there aren’t very many of them, not only are there not many of them but they haven’t been read by many people.

I know that there are probably a lot of really great writers that people are missing out on.  I know that I haven’t read many translated texts and I really think that reading something written by somebody whose life is so fundamentally different from your own is important.  I care about what people in other countries think about.  Is it actually that different from my own interpretation of the world?

I think that I could do this.  There is a gap in the market that I think I could fill easily.

Now a new problem arises.  I’m trying to find schools at the grad fair that have translation studies, and even programs that have nothing to do with our fair but might have translation studies programs and there are not very many.  Those that I do find are primarily in Spanish, French and German translation.  Just imagine me sitting at my computer making an extremely grumpy face.

The one school that was at our fair with a translation studies program would allow me to sort of build my own program, I would take the classes in comparative literature and on translation mechanics as it were but I would then also be taking East Asian studies classes and language classes that were different from all my peers.  It is unconventional, but possible.

I’m keeping my options open, but really I feel like I’m running out of time.

There are so many major decisions that I have to make in such a short amount of time and I don’t know if I’m ready to make them.  I am petrified that I will make a mistake.

From what I hear this is extremely common, but it isn’t particularly helpful.

I might be having miner existential crises.  It’s fine, really.  It will be fine right?

I hope you guys are had a great weekend and will continue to have a great week!  I actually have a book review for you guys on Wednesday.  I know!  Remember when I did that!


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