Sunday Spam: The September Wrap Up Edition

October has arrived!  SPOOPTACULAR!

I have post from last week which I have moved to next Sunday but we trek onward to discuss the music that came out last month, or more specifically the music that I liked best out of the music that came out last month.

There is a playlist of the videos that I will be discussing below so please click the link and listen while you read!

For once I didn’t have difficulty choosing 20, sometimes there aren’t enough, sometimes I have to do honorable mentions … we were on point this month.  Here we go in reverse chronological order!

1.남영주 – 여리고착해서

While the video for this song isn’t bad per say I really added it to the list because I love the song.  Her voice is so rich and full of emotion.  The song has me swaying in my seat.  I thoroughly enjoyed the song.  The sexy dancy in the haphazardly buttoned men’s shirt and undies was a little much, but this about the music really isn’t it.  That’s a lie the whole thing is really important, musicality, performance, and style.  The latter aren’t terrible but they aren’t great, the music on the other hand.  Pretty good!

2. Ulala Session – 내가 갈게

I find this track really interesting.  While the music video is really funny the song is something I would have expected from a group composed of much younger members.  It seemed like a bunch of guys in their thirties trying to keep up with the groups coming out comprised of teenagers.  While that might be fine with the music itself, its not a bad sound, the styling is a little weird.  They are dressed like teenagers or twenty somethings and its a bit off putting.  Would I have liked something where they sounded their age, perhaps, they are definitely funny.  I might look into some of their other music to learn more.  Also terrible stache guy … what are you doing?

3. BTOB – 넌 감동이야 (You’re So Fly)

Alright I have two things to say.  One is that I really like the way this song sounds.  I like listening to it.  However, the second thing is that this music video makes me uncomfortable.  Mostly because I’m not sure what it is trying to say.  They boys drink a magic potion that turns unattractive girls attractive to them.  Its kind of portraying the guys as shallow, and giving off the wrong sort of idea.  Its seen as a bad thing that these guys want to date the ugly girls.  Like a punishment, for comedic purposes.  The problem is that I don’t really find it funny.  It makes me sad.  What do you think?  Did they go too far?

4. Urban Zakapa – The Space Between

Alright here we have a great music video and a great song.  I really like the story that is portrayed throughout this video although I have to say that I’m a little confused on how the two “love interests” got together.  It was sweet never the less.  The sort of bumbling romance is popular in Korea so I’m not really surprised even though it wouldn’t be very believable here.  The song is great.  I really like the tone that Urban Zakapa have together.  Its almost an indie soul sound.  If you like this I would recommend looking into their other music, it is equally great.

5. Ailee – Don’t Touch Me

This is definitely one of my favorite songs to come out this month and I didn’t even know about it until last week, it did just come out, but still.  Ailee was an artist that I was aware of but not particularly interested in.  This promotional track as well as the fourth track on her album entitled 문득병 are really solid tracks.  The music video is fun and while it doesn’t really have a story and follows the kpop trend of cutting between beauty shots and shots of the choreography that accompanies the live performances I feel like it suits the song well.  It doesn’t need a theatrical music video really.

6. ZPZG – Go Crazy (미치겠다)

Hot Debut.  The song is alright, the music video is pretty standard.  The reason I added these boys to the mix is not only because I try to showcase some of the debuts that happen each month, but that their dancing was so crisp.  The moves were really cool and they were all perfectly in time.  Their lines were all symmetrical.  As someone who used to dance I can appreciate how hard it is to get everyone to look exactly the same, to move exactly the same.  Effort went into their performance.  Can you tell?

7. Kidoh – Taxi on the Phone

Kidoh is one of the thirteen members of Topp Dogg and the first to make a debut outside of their group.  Not surprisingly the track has hip hop flair.  I really appreciated that throughout the video his members show up and mess with him.  While most artists try and distance themselves from their groups when they do a solo performance to show how strong they are on their own I appreciate those who say, I’m not the only person with talent in my group and I’m close with them.  While it might have been the company pushing his members into the video, I still think it creates a sense of family in the group rather than a bunch of solo artists pushed together.

8. 송지은 – 쳐다보지마

I read somewhere before watching this music video that it was supposed to be about homosexual love.  The songs title translates to something close to “Don’t look at me like that”.  While the theme isn’t very apparent in the music video out right, the lyrics do very clearly represent the topic.  The video is more symbolic.  I have to say that I’m really surprised that anyone would come out with a song like this in Korea where homosexuality is touched upon but not really looked on as a good thing or discussed in detail.  This intrigued me and I have to say it was very brave of her to make this song.  I wanted to add it to the list.

9. Clazziquai Project – 내게 돌아와(Still I’m by Your Side)

I have to say that is one of the best album covers I’ve ever seen from a Korean Artist.  Look at how majestic that pig is.  Also I really liked the concept for this music video.  It is one of the strongest concepts I’ve seen in a long time.  This kind of split screen juxtaposed life of two people was really cool to watch.  Its like watching an ambiguous film that changes depending on your mood.  The scenes it depicted were symmetrical but opposite at the same time.  It was just really well shot to show tone and mood.  Plus the song isn’t half bad either.  Pretty good all around. I give it two thumbs up!

10. N*White – Hello Boy

Another hot rookie group, this time representing the girls.  While the song and video are sort of typical cute kpop style I really enjoyed it.  I like that style of music, obviously so I didn’t find anything wrong with it.  Is it particularly jaw dropping or innovative?  No.  Not really.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable and fun, there is a robot darth vader light saber fight, its obviously fun.  If you are going to be unoriginal in music at least do what everyone else has done a little bit better.  Which they did.  I look forward to seeing if these girls grow and develop or if they will sort of disappear in the menagerie.

11. Girls Generation TTS – Holler

I didn’t add Super Junior’s song last time and I felt a little guilty so I’m throwing out the heavy weight this time around.  Holler by TaeTiSeo.  Everyone has heard it, but in case you haven’t its here.  I’m not the biggest fan of this song.  I liked the songs from their debut as a unit group better but its not terrible.  Its just very repetative.  The music video is interesting, in particular the beginning when the girls move and disappear.  I always liked that kind of shot.  Although I think I prefer people walking one way as the camera turns and they are suddenly somewhere they shouldn’t be in one fluid shot.  I don’t know if they had the budget to do this though.  Also with the scandel that GG has had in the past week, losing a member, I suppose we can promote them a little.

12. Teen Top – Missing (쉽지않아)

Another heavy hitter however I really like this song where as I’m kind of apathetic towards TTS’s.  The video is a little confusing, but has a clear story to it which I appreciate.  I’m also surprised the title to their album is in spanish.  Its common to have things in English I’m glad that they are starting to do things in other languages as well.  Kpop is becoming more global ladies and gentlemen.  I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that they turned Teen Top’s name into an acronym to keep it since none of them are teens any more.  Its a good song, a good video, what else do you want?

13. SPICA.S – 남주긴 아까워? (Give Your Love)

I think that Taylor said it best when I sent him this video, “These girls can do no wrong.”  SPICA for me is one of the best girl groups out there, in league with Brown Eyed Girls which is my all time favorite.  Their voices are so rich.  Their music is interesting.  This is their first unit group which appears to be SPICA minus their leader who I hear is gearing up for her solo debut soon.  I’m watching out for it and you know you will see it soon.  I loved their maknaes solo debut so you know it will be good.  The video is alright, sexy office workers … its been done, it wasn’t bad but not the best.  The music however.  A+.

14. John Park – U

I think this is my favorite song to come out this month, by far.  I’ve listened to it so many times.  Its such a good sound and it is one of the few songs in Korean music that even people who don’t like Kpop might be able to listen to.  If you haven’t liked anything I’ve recommended so far than give this song a listen.  It is reminiscent of the music we had hear in the early 2000s which most of us really liked.  Some of coworkers don’t even mind it.  The music video is 100% creepy and I love it!  It is fabulous.  Such a great song, such a great video.  This comes highly recommended!

15. T-ARA – Sugarfree

From a video and song that are close to what we are used to listening to, to a dance house track a la T-ara.  This was the song that got the boy I have been talking to interested in a group.  If you like electronic music then of course I would recommend listening to T-ara.  It is definitely different.  The video has a lot of flashing lights and is one of the beauty shot cut to dance cut to beauty shot videos but I really enjoyed the song.  Taylor wasn’t a big fan but he prefers acoustic music to anything else really anyway.

16. 2PM – 미친거 아니야? (GO CRAZY!)

Do I even have to add this one to the list.  I suppose if you don’t look up whats happening in Kpop then you wouldn’t know that this came out, but 2PM is so famous.  This song is so fun and I absolutely love the dance.  They were somehow able to make most of the dance scenes in this video feel like part of the plot.  Most of the time I feel scenes like that are important but seperate from the rest of the MV.  Here, everything felt coherant.  This is definitely one of the dance around in your underwear while cleaning kind of songs.  If you don’t like it I dunno how you live.  Its fun.  That’s the bottom line.  It’s fun.

17. A.KOR – But Go

We have a hip hop girl group.  I have found so few of these.  Girl groups tend to do the sexy or the cute concepts.  Its rare to find girls doing hip hop.  I’m glad that we have one.  The music of the song reminds me a bit of f(x).  Most people in the comments of this video are discussing the fact that one of the members of this group wrote a diss song towards one of the members of 2NE1 and they got butt hurt.  Its like they have never heard about the hip hop scene.  Its part and parcel.  The song is alright.  Its not the best thing ever.  I want these girls to stick around and do more things, better things.

18. Orange Caramel – Gangnam Avenue

Alright, the song didn’t come out this month, it actually was part of their single album that came out in August.  However the video came out this month so I’m keeping it.  I might be a bit Orange Caramel biased, but I really like this song.  No, the video isn’t as extravagant as their others, its a supplemental video, most artists don’t make videos for more than one track on the album.  Its still a fun video either way.  It also might be because I know Se Ho and Nana have really great chemistry from the reality show they do together.  I liked it.  Its not fantastic in every way, but this isn’t about flawless its about taste.

19. Nasty Nasty – Knock

Why is it that whenever a coed unit group is made they have to do sexy concepts?  Even their cover art implies this were polygamous relationships, or cheating in some way.  Its interesting to me.  That being said I actually really like this song.  There are a lot of interesting shots in the music video as well.  Its almost fragmental.  The lights are colored and harsh.  Its just really interesting.  I like it.  Do you like it?  I heard their was a bit of drama around the creation of this group and the release of this video.  The comment section here was also very antagonistic in different ways.  I’m not a fan of this weird acidic community but the music is good.

20. LABOUM – 두근두근 (Pit a Pat)

Let’s end on a lighter note.  A perfectly cute and adorable song by LABOUM which technically came out at the end of August but I didn’t talk about it then and there has just been a lot of sadness and hate in the community this month.  Let’s let the happiness that is cute summer concepts and music heal our hearts a little bit.  I don’t see the world getting any brighter but hopefully gems like these girls debut can keep shinging through the darkness.  Ooh we got super deep in a Sunday Spam.

I hope you guys liked everything that I have for you.  There was some great music last month even if there were tragedies and fighting.  I want things to get better, but perhaps it needs to get worse to get better, like when you are cleaning.  Talk to you again tomorrow!


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