Sunday Spam: The Best Live Performances Edition

Now when I say live, I’m not talking about music shows, I’m talking about radio shows and legit live performances.  Some sing live on music shows, but they also lip sync a bunch.  This playlist is meant to showcase some of the great vocal capabilities in Kpop.  You wouldn’t always expect it, but these folks are all fantastic singers.

If you want to listen to my favorite live covers I recommend clicking this link which will take you to the playlist I made just for you!

This playlist is all about the musicality, listen and watch.  I don’t have much to say about them other than that they showcase something you might not get to see otherwise.

1. EXO – Baby Don’t Cry

It was watching this performance that I got my inspiration to make this playlist a couple weeks ago.  I have to say that while EXO has one of the most intimidating fanbases they are incredibly talented and put out great music.  I think this is my second favorite performance in this whole list and I’m not that big a fan of this song.  Their harmonies are so smooth with this performance.  It actually led me to just take the leap and get their discography.  No matter what these boys have talent.

2. SPICA – You Don’t Love Me

I don’t know if I have spoken about SPICA on a playlist before my biography of them last week.  I feel like I should because they are a group that has undeniably strong vocals.  If you don’t believe me just listen to this live performance.  I don’t think there was a single note they fumbled.  All of their voices are so rich.  If there is a power girl group who is up and coming in the industry, it would definitely be these girls.  They are currently having their American debut with a song completely in English (listen: here!).

3. VIXX – Chaos

I had to include my bias group.  Has there been a single playlist they did not make the cut with?  I think they will even show up on a girl group playlist because I cannot resist shoving them down your throats.  I’m sorry if you get annoyed but I don’t think I will ever get tired of these boys.  This happens to be my favorite song, sung live and acoustically.  It makes my ears and my heart melt.  In a good way.  There is no denying that Leo and Ken are great singers and it is really cute to see these guys playing around while performing.

4. M.I.B. – 치사 Bounce

I’m waiting on another comeback from M.I.B. because their last few albums have been really solid.  I love how I cannot help but bounce when I listen to this song.  It’s appropriate for this song in particular no?  I’m glad that these guys are so good live because they are one of the groups that I would have a hard time passing up seeing live.  I also love how some of them can’t help but move along to their song while they sing it.  You know a songs good when even the people who have to listen to it a million times still bounce along.

5. Orange Caramel – Catallena

There is nothing but whimsy with these girls live.  Have another listen to perhaps the catchiest song of the year so far.  It is definitely as good live as it is recorded, if not better because you get to see how cute these girls are.  There is something to say about a performance that is live but not a full on performance.  When you strip away the costumes and the acting, you get to see their personalities and their vocal abilities just a little bit better.

6. Tiny G – Minimanimo

The adroable love muffins of my heart make an appearance this week.  I found this song a while ago because I stumbled across this live performance and it introduced me to the tiniest cutest bunch of idols.  These girls are adorable.  There is nothing else but adorable within them.  They are so bright and cheerful.  It comes across in their live performances.  These radio performances are great because while they are meant to be listened to it is great to see them sitting around a table and joking with each other while they perform.  It’s a little more relaxed.  (This seems to be a theme?)

7. SPEED -놀리러 간다 (Don’t Tease Me) &왜 난 꼭 (Why I’m Not)

While I had already fallen head over heels in love with Don’t Tease Me this performance of Why I’m Not made me fall in love with that song as well.  You know an artist is good when their live performance of a song makes you appreciate it more than the studio version.  So often in today’s society the studio version is leaps and bounds better than the live performance because the music can be perfected.  Even with imperfections there is something to be said for artists who have charisma when performing live.  It shows their true talent.

8. Girls’ Generation –  Hoot

First of can I say that the Korean language is best when they have a word that legit looks like a tiny man wearing a tinier top hat that has meaning.  Everyone else loses.  Now I have to say that they strong point for SNSD is that they have brilliant harmonies.  Where so many idol groups seem like a bunch of individual artists taking one line at a time today SM does a great job showcasing their groups.  These girls are together to make music together and the sound of their voices melding is awesome.  I just happen to be slightly obsessed with this song in particular as of late.  The live performance is just as strong as the recording.

9. IU – The Red Shoes

There should be no doubting IU’s vocals.  She has crazy range and crazy power and such a great tone.  I could listen to her sing forever and for always.  It is honestly crazy how talented she is.  I might die.  There is a reason her tag is cutiest patootie on my tumblr.  I think I love this particular performance because in between singing she laughs and jokes with the radio host.  It just shows how easily she is able to sing.  She is hitting these notes and laughing the next minute.  Also how can she look so good in a track suit.  Seriously.

10. Teen Top – Rocking

The singing is great in this performance but my favorite thing about this is that not only are all of the members attempting to still do this dance inside of a tiny radio station but the radio host is jamming.  He is full on dancing along with them and grooving.  I have never seen a radio host get so into it.  They often bob their head along but he is loving this performance.  The members love it and it makes them laugh.  This might mess a little bit with their singing abilities but it is great to see them having so much fun.

That is the end of the list.  What do you think?  Do you prefer to listen to studio albums or do you like seeing what your artists sound like live?

Are you disappointed if your artists aren’t as good live as they are in the recording booth or does it even matter?

Kpop has a lot of showmanship, they put as much effort into their dances and the theatricality of performing as they do with their music.  Is this a hindrance to them or a blessing?


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