(Late Night) Monday Musings: The Getting Acclimated to New Spaces Edition

I’ve been at school for a little more than two weeks now and its starting to feel normalized.

There is a transitional phase when starting school, not just for freshman.  I don’t think anybody can jump straight in to school with out feeling a little bit off kilter.

The problem with me is that my off kilter is extremely anxious, very nearly terrified that everything is going to fall apart.  It won’t I have to trust that it won’t if I do all of my work.

I am excited about numerous projects that I have in the works for this semester and I plan on continuing my Korean learning.  It will all be good.  It will be so good.

I have been trying to acclimate my body to sleeping like a normal person because I fall into a pattern of staying up until the sun comes up and then sleeping until noon.  Which isn’t helpful when I have classes or work at 9 in the morning … and home work to do …

Working on it.

I will say that having to walk twenty minutes to get to campus make it so that I sleep in less … I can’t hit snooze “one too many times on accident” because if I do that I just have to run.

I’ve also been doing yoga on my own … just some simple easy things.  No intense poses with me upside down or twisted into a knot.  Just some stretching in the morning basically.  It makes my body feel better for the day.  It’s good.  I would recommend it.

I hope things are better this semester.  I need to have better time management.

I think I’m going to get that app that locks your internet except for certain times so that I can’t procrastinate.  I’m scared to do that though …. Like real scared.  I may be addicted to the internet … this may be a thing.


I finally got Taylor to make that post for John Dies at the End so you can look forward to that on Wednesday and my Summer reads wrap up as well for Friday.  Then on Sunday we have some Kpop SPAM just for you.  This week is just full of goodies.  Whoa!  I also have a story that I’ve been working on that I might have a friend help me proofread to post on here … to force me to keep writing it.  An obligation to my adoring fans … all … two? of you … are there ever two of you?  Hello recurring readers?  Where are you?  Can you raise your hand in the comments so I can swaddle you with hugs and blankets?


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