Sunday Spam: The Let’s Learn a Thing Together Edition (pt. 4)

This week we are going to be looking into SPICA.  The girls with the powerhouse vocals.

Step 1: Music!

As always I have made you a playlist of their music starting with their discography followed by their music videos you can see here.

1. Potently Digital Single (released on January 10, 2012)

  • 독하게 (Potently or Doggedly) [with music video]

2. Russian Roulette Mini Album (released on February 7, 2012)

  • Anger
  • Up N Down
  • Russian Roulette [with music video]
  • No More
  • 일기장
  • 독하게

3. Painkiller Repackage Album (released on March 24, 2012) [includes all songs from Russian Roulette as well as:]

  • Painkiller [with music video]
  • Painkiller [Inst.]

4. Lonely Mini Album (released November 21, 2012)

  • Lonely [with music video]
  • With You
  • 그날 밤
  • Since You’re Out of My Life
  • Lonely [Inst.]

5. Tonight Digital Single (released August 27, 2013)

  • Tonight [with music video]

6. You Don’t Love Me Digital Single (released January 26, 2014)

  • You Don’t Love Me [with music video]

7. I Did It Digital Single (released August 6, 2014)

  • I Did It [with music video]

Step 2: Group Info!

Spica is signed under B2M Entertainment.  They released Potently as a preview single before actually debuting as a group with Russian Roulette.

Their name is a reference to the brightest star in the Virgo Galaxy and their fan club name, Mercury refers to the fact that Mercury is the guardian of Virgo.

The groups last few singles came out of a mentorship with a senior in their company Lee Hyori because they felt that their group was not very popular in the public’s opinion.  (Despite having really solid songs every single comeback).  This was chronicled on the show Lee Hyori X Unnie.

It is rumored that they will be releasing their first full length album at some point this year.

Step 3: Members!

  • Juhyun:
    Real Name – Park Juhyun (박주현)
    Birthday – November 29, 1986
    Age – 27
    Position – Vocals, Main Rapper, Dancer, Visual
    Compilation of her raps.

  • Boa:
    Real Name – Kim Boa (김보아)
    Birthday – January 14, 1987
    Age – 27
    Position – Leader, Main Vocals, Rapper
    Listen to her tone its so lovely.

  • Narae:
    Real Name – Park Narae (박나래)
    Birthday – February 23, 1988
    Age – 26
    Position – Vocals, Dancer
    Her work with Mando and Chigi.

  • Jiwon:
    Real Name – Yang Jiwon (양지원)
    Birthday – April 5, 1988
    Age – 26
    Position – Main Dancer, Vocals
    Singing solo.

  • Bohyung:
    Real Name – Kim Bohyung (김보형)
    Birthday – March 31, 1989
    Age – 25
    Position – Main Vocals, Maknae
    Her solo debut.

What do you think?

Are SPICA underrated for a reason or are they just a hidden gem?

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