Sunday Spam: The Best of the August 2014 Promotions Edition

I think that I shall try doing a monthly wrap up where I discuss both the Pop and Indie music that comes out in the month on either the last Sunday of the month or the first Sunday of the next month if I can.  This way we both get introduced to new music and you don’t have to listen to me drone on about VIXX every playlist.  (only sometimes … I have a bias okay … I accept that).

I am going to be discussing the music videos in the order that they appear in the playlist which is the order in which they came out.   If you want to listen or watch along you can do that here!

1. Pento – Pasta Hater

Honestly, until I was looking for the new releases of the month I had never heard of Pento and I am not a huge fan of the song but I found this video incredibly interesting.  The cuts in the edits of this video make it seem like it was stop motion.  There is a lot of looping and replaying particular scenes specifically.  Things drift in and out of focus and the laying of text across the screen are all really visually appealing to me.  The weird uncomfortable editing in the video is a good way of distributing the uncomfortable situation of the characters in the video.  It embodies the awkward first date.  I really enjoy the way this video was put together, even if I might not be jumping to buy the song.

2. 4L – Move

This video was slightly controversial when it came out.  I’m sure if you watched it you know what I mean.  The dance is decidedly sexy.  Personally I find it more uncomfortable than sexy but I have no problem with them doing a sexy concept which is how much of the fandom took it.  There was a huge negative response about how they were sexuallizing themselves and it must be to hide the fact that the song was horrible.  I have no problem with these girls wanting to do a sexy concept, I just personally don’t find the moves they did sexy.  This is often the case though with sexy concepts.  They just seem a bit off.   Whether it is because the girls aren’t comfortable themselves or just that what is sexy in Korea is not what we would consider sexy here is completely up for debate.

3. LYn & Leo – 꽃잎놀이 (Blossom Tears)

This is one of my absolute favourite videos that came out this month.  I will discuss this in further detail two weeks from now.  For now, just sit back and enjoy the video.  I feel like Leo’s acting was spot on and he didn’t even say a single word.  I honestly sigh every time I watch this video because it is so interesting to me.  If you want to know my full thoughts on it, just wait a couple weeks I’ll get into more detail.  As far as the song goes, I am not a big ballad fan but I still bought the song because it was good enough that I could see myself listening to it from time to time.  This video, very creppy so spoopy.

4. Kim Greem – Summer Night (여름밤에)

I personally am not always the biggest fans of behind the scenes videos.  It is definitely a way to get to know how the artists work a little better.  Give you a better idea of their day to day lives perhaps, but it is also a little too low budget for my taste.  Not to say that low budget videos aren’t great.  Maybe I just feel like its a bit of a cop out.  I don’t know.  That being said, I really like this song.  It has a lovely acoustic summery feel.  I want to have it playing in the background while I sit on a porch overlooking a lake with some cold lemonade in one hand and a good book in the other.  A mellow track for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

5. Ladies Code – Kiss Kiss

I actually really love the style of this video.  A mildly sinister theme made super cute with bright colours.  It jives well for me.  I love the poison frogs and apples.  This video is extremely stylized and I think it works.  Is this song going to be something I go back to again and again, maybe not.  I do think it is pretty catchy.  I’ve been listening to it since it came out, but I don’t know what the shelf life will be.  Maybe it will make a comeback in one of my playlists for the winter when I am craving some summery fun.

6. 박보람 – 예뻐졌다 (Beautiful)

So I have to say that I honestly have no idea what is going on in this video.  There are a lot of really pretty and super interesting scenes and shots, but I don’t know what they are trying to tell me.  Is there a story?  Would the lyrics help me understand?  I don’t know if they would because there doesn’t seem to be an correlation between the scenes.  Maybe they are just meant to be pretty.  This being said, I really love the song.  It made it onto the list of songs that I have been obsessing over this month.  It takes a good song to compete with my favourite artists for a spot in my heart and on my playlist.

7. 준호 – Hey You

Now I put two videos from Junho’s album in this playlist.  This is the first the second is farther down the list you will see it soon.  Is it just me or does it seem like this song is meant to be the theme to an anime?  My only complaint musically wise is that until the chorus I didn’t feel like his vocals matched the style of a rock song.  It was a little weird for me.  As far as the video goes, again I’m not sure what the story is but this time I think it is completely a language barrier.  There does appear to be a story being told through these scenes.  Presumable about confessing love … or apologizing?  The lyrics could be helpful here.  I think I’ll go look those up for myself and leave the rest up to you.

8. 페퍼톤스 – 굿모닝 샌드위치맨 (Good Morning Sandwichman)

I have an interesting indie group for you guys.  Here we have the Peppertones and their super interesting song Good Morning Sandwichman.  I don’t think that I am a huge fan of this but I definitely found it interesting.  The colour blocking in this video and the emphasis on the instruments made me happy.  This thing is very 60s if anything both visually and musically.  What do you think?  Interesting or just weird?

9. Taemin – 괴도 (Danger)

All of theSHINee stand are screaming and holding tampons in their nose to stop the nose bleeds happening to this song.  I actually really like it.  It seems to be hugely inspired by Michael Jackson, from the moves to the sound.  I have to say I’m not a fan of the weird nose ring thing.  I’m not sure how to feel about it.  It is definitely a thing though.  I have to say that I think for once I prefer an idols hair blonde to dark.  I’m not sure if its just the way it was styled in the video but he looked much better blonde to me.  Song good.  Music video, a little strange but good.  Blonde, good.  All good.

10. Orange Caramel – My Copycat (나처럼 해봐요)

ORANGE CARAMEL COMEBACK!  Guys!  Guys!  Orange Caramel comeback.  Can you tell I’m excited.  I really love this song.  I really love this video.  Again I will be talking about it in more detail in two weeks.  These girls always have interesting concepts.  It is vibrant and funny as per usual.  If there is a comedy video award it has to go to these girls.  They are always on point.  There sheer amount of find the girls and find the differences are lovely.  It makes it so that you watch the video over and over and try and find everything.  Interactive videos guys, who would have thought.  A+ as always.

11. BTS – Danger

The second song titled danger in the group.  Interesting no?  I have been waiting for weeks for this comeback.  I have fallen in love with Bangtan.  I don’t know if you have noticed.  I was lying to myself when I said I was only a casual fan.  By the time this video came out I knew all of the members by name and sight and their personalities.  That only comes with fanatics.  I have fallen guys.  Can you blame me though?  The song is brilliant.  The video is great.  The shots where they did their routine on a wet ground.  The grunginess of their sets perfectly matching the feel of the song.  This song may be my text tone … and my ringtone.  It might be.  Who knows really for sure though?

12. Big Byung – Stress Come On

For those of you who don’t know.  This is a subunit group created with N and Hyuk from VIXX, Jackson from Got7 and Sungjae from BTOB.  It was created by comedians for a variety show.  It is meant to be funny.  The song and video are definitely that.  Can you tell this video was low budget?  I still love it though.  It made me smile from ear to ear the whole time.  These boys did a great job.  It might be slightly embarrassing and N and Hyuk definitely aren’t rappers but I still really love it.  I kinda dig the song overall as well.  I love the scenes with the exercise equipment.  It is great.  They all did great.  I’m proud.  I love it.

13. 준호 – Feel

I told you Junho would make a comeback in this playlist.  Here he is again.  For me, this song matches Junho’s voice better.  I really like the video as well.  It’s simple, a dance video.  I like the song and when they make a video completely devoted to how this would be  performed on stage it shows the strength of KPop for me.  My favorite part of this stuff is that they are performers.  All of these folks can sing and dance like nobodies business.  I also, kind of want to live in that set … it would need more furniture, but it looks cozy if nothing else … or that is could be cozy if there was more stuff, a little cold without it.

14. SunnyHill – Monday Blues

While I don’t think that SunnyHill will be making another song that is as perfect for me as Midnight Circus I still hold out.  I’m not the biggest fan of the styling of this video.  It seems like they took the set from Super Junior M’s Swing and put the girls on here.  However, I kind of like the music.  Have to say.  It has an interesting beat.  The styling of this video does match the theme they are setting up.  This song is probably only here because I’m waiting for a SunnyHill song to blow me away again.  This one is kind of forgettable though.  That’s the sad part.  Maybe next comeback?

15. JJCC – Bing Bing Bing (One Way)


I was not that big a fan of JJCC’s debut song and I’m not blown away with this track either, however I do like it more.  It seems a bit catchier to me.  Perhaps it is the faster tempo.  I’m not really sure.  The exploding crystals and slowmo on the members is kind of a cool way to start this video.  It reminds me of an old TVXQ video.  I have been listening to the song.  The use of space and graphics is interesting.  I’m not sure there is more to say.  It was better, still waiting for something great.

16. Stellar – Mask

The last time I saw these ladies they were doing that awkward butt scratching dance.  The girls are back and they are still sexy, perhaps more so.  I wasn’t a big fan of the butt scratching, but the breathing chest move they do for this song is really cool.  There isn’t much to their video other than look how sexy these girls are.  I do like the song though.  It sounds like something I would put in the background while I’m working.  Something with good tone that isn’t too distracting.  It doesn’t make me want to dance, but it doesn’t grate on me either.  A pretty solid comeback.  I like the gauzy dresses as well.  I want one.


17. Lipservice – Too Fancy

I have been waiting to see if Lip Service would have a comeback.  I’m so glad they finally have, and with a new member.  Originally the hip hop duo now the hip hop trio I am excited to share with you Lip Service’s newest promotional track Too Fancy.  The video doesn’t have a plot.  Just the girls dancing in front of bright colors.  I’m okay with that because this song doesn’t need a flashy video.  It just makes you want to dance.  The only thing I have to say is that our new member doesn’t look like she belongs in a Hip Hop group.  Her voice is lovely don’t get me wrong, but compared to our original members she is styled more like a traditional KPop member and less like someone who is in a Hip Hop group.  Is she too pretty and sweet for it?  I’m not sure.  I’ll see how her live stages are and get back to you.

18. Sistar – I Swear

This music video looks like it was fun to shoot.  I have two comments initially.  1.  Those shorts are not appropriate for work, her ass was practically hanging out and 2. Who does a carwash with pink suds?  I mean I guess for the video its stylistic.  I would be worried that I would get dyed pink though.  Granted I am the palest person I know and these girls have the perfect ammount of color.  Like I said this video looked like it was fun and I hope they got to relax a little while shooting.  They did get to swim in a pool and hangout on a beach if nothing else.  I’m sure they were running around from location to location though.  Overall.  Good song.  Good video.  Fun summery stuff.  Just what I was expecting.

19. 4ten – Tornado

Hot Debut.  The only one on this list I think.  The rest are all comebacks.  There had to be more new music, I haven’t been watching the music programs this month though so I’m not sure.  In any case, this video really stood out to me. Not only do I really like the song.  It is catchy and upbeat.  I also feel like this girls seem really confident for newbies.  They do still seem a little awkward dancing on camera, but that should get better with time.  My weird comment for this video is where did they get the fabric for those outfits.  It is like every weird vacation patterned button up shirt ever was sewn together and thrown on those girls.  I’m not a fan.  What did you guys think?

20. Royal Pirates – Love Toxic

I have to say that Royal Pirates are one of my favorite bands.  They always have a good music.  The style of this video was also phenomenal.  I really like that it was entirely in black and white.  The actors were styled in a way that they could be at a fancy dinner party in this century or the middle of the last one.  The ambiguity of it.  The music.  Everything was gorgeous.  I want to sit here and listen and stare at it all day long.  If you are looking for an idol group who actually play instruments here you go.  Have at them.  They are lovely individuals from California.  They usually put out an English version of their promotional track as well if you would prefer to understand what is happening. I am looking forward to new music from them!

Honorable mentions of new songs that came out and should be on this list but I am anal about the length of my playlists are Mamacita by Super Junior and Peekaboo by Topp Dogg.  If you want to know my thoughts on these two then feel free to leave me a comment below.  I’d love to discuss them with you.

How was your August?  Did you love the music that came out?  Were you excited over a comeback?  Are you still waiting on your favorite group to show their face again?

Was there somebody I missed?  I am always interested in adding new groups to my library, if you think I should get to be in the know about someone please share it with me!


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