Mon-Tuesday Musings: The I Got a Sunburn Waiting to Have my Picture Taken Edition

Yesterday was my first day back to work.  I drove back up to school on Saturday alone, moved all of my things in … alone.

I am glad to have my own room for this year, and it is nice to have my friends so close, but I don’t know if this will be a curse or a blessing as of yet in the department of my being stressed.

Sunday was mostly lounging around and finishing up some of the things I needed to do for my room.  Nothing too exciting.  Yesterday on the other hand, was extremely stressful.

Like I said, it was back to work for returner training.  Which is less training and more learning about any changes in our department for the coming semester and hashing out schedules.  One of the things we do while we are all there is to take a group picture with our entire department for the ITS website.

Our department was one of the last to be called to take part in that photo shoot.  Which meant we were standing outside while all of the other departments had their picture taken.  My shoulders are burnt.  One more than the other, (I think my purse actually saved some of my skin).  My nose and cheeks are a tad pink as well.  I am not really in pain which is good.  It is just annoying to be this sensitive to the sun.

Guys, I know us gingers look cool and all with our red hair, but it sucks not being able to stand outside in the summer for even a few minutes without causing yourself butt loads of pain later.

I save myself that pain by mostly staying inside.  I’m allergic to almost everything outside, the sun hurts me, it just works out better if I stay inside.  It’s not bad really.  Though some will say it is a sad existence.

I’m going to go and force Taylor to write up a review for John Dies at the End because it doesn’t look like we will be getting a video up for it.  Gretchen is out of touch in England and probably never even read the book.  Taylor and I care about our audience.  We always read the book.  Well, there are some books we give up on, but there has to be a legitimate reason for that other than … I just didn’t read it.  We at least try.

I will talk to you guys soon!  I hope you have a good week.  If you are going back to school good luck!  Wish me luck as my classes begin tomorrow.

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