Sunday Spam: The Excellent-Promotional-Teasers Edition

The music that has been coming out this summer has been rocking my socks off.  Literally.  My socks are way over there.  I put together a playlist of my favorite promotional teasers that made me super excited for the music that would be coming out the following week.

As always you can find a handy dandy playlist of the teaser followed by the full video: here.

1. Orange Caramel – “My Copycat (나처럼 해봐요)”

These girls always have great music videos.  Why make a normal video when you can be quirky and funny!  I was heartbroken when I found out that they were a unit group because traditionally unit groups promote less than the groups that they originate from do.  However Afterschool (the group that the Orange Caramel members are from) has yet to promote this year where as this is the second Orange Caramel track.

I think this has to do with their rise in popularity this year.  Their first track 까탈레나 (Catallena) was extremely catchy and it seems the Korean public agreed with me on that fact.  It became one of the trends, even showing up in dramas (Yes, that is VIXX’s N cross dressing … it wasn’t the first time either.)

The teaser for this comeback not only was a fun little game to keep the fans occupied while they waited for the music video release but it showcased a really great portion of the musicality of the song.  (I am always excited for more Orange Caramel music so the teaser didn’t need to wet my appetite but how did you like it.)  The music video itself follows in the same vein, become its own sort of game.  It makes it seem more interactive and helps encourage multiple views of the video to unlock all of its secrets which is good for the group.

2. 린 (LYn), 레오 (LEO of VIXX) – 꽃잎놀이 (Blossom Tears)

Now you might be saying.  Gosh Michaela here is another video you would have watched regardless because it has your ultimate bias in it.  To which I respond: I would have watched all of these videos regardless I follow Kpop as a genre.  I am merely presenting you with my favorite teasers.  My bias my be showing here (Ba Dum Tiss) but these are all opinions.

The best thing about this teaser is that it entices you to watch the video.  It makes this song seem like a sad love ballad and when you watch the video you are completely shocked with what it actually shows.  The next paragraph is going to be spoilery so make sure you watch the video before reading any farther.

*spoilers* I have never seen Leo be so scary before.  This being said when he has literally strangled a girl in the Hyde M/V.  Here he played the part of a sociopath so perfectly I was sitting there with my mouth handing open for I don’t know how long.  Leo literally becomes a serial killer and takes girls hearts so that they won’t leave them.  It is so creepy.  I loved it.  His acting was so great and he didn’t even speak.  Facial expressions are everything.

3. Got7 – A

This teaser made me laugh out loud.  While I like some of the other songs and the Got Love album more than I like A itself I have to admit that they had great promotional works for this track.

Not only did they use one of the funniest pieces of this comedic music video they also used it to help people recognize the members before they got the music video.  We all know how hard it can be to distinguish these guys from each other when there are a lot of them (my trick, until you are better at recognizing faces use their hair but be careful because it changes every comeback usually).

The music video itself is very bright and fun.  It showcased some of the best points of choreography and some pretty funny scenes.  Overall while I felt the song wasn’t as great as some of the other songs that were promoting at the time and pretty forgettable over all the teaser and video still stand out in my mind as one of the best to come out this summer.  Definitely looking forward to what these guys have to give as they grow and develop.  Still waiting on a JJ Project comeback (The unit group that debuted two years before the whole group if you didn’t know).

4. Block B – H.E.R (헐)

I preordered the physical copy of this CD when I saw this teaser.  Yes, I probably would have purchased a Block B album eventually due to my undying love for them and their music.  However this comeback was especially poignant.

While H.E.R. had three teasers come out and I decided to show you the only one that didn’t showcase any of the actual song it is the best one they put out.  The comedy of this teaser was so on point.  I even showed it to my Mom who laughed, and she pretty much hates anything Kpop related at this point in time.  Apparently I talk about it too much.  You guys don’t mind do you?

I listen to her on repeat for like two days straight and I’m still going back to it just like I return to Nillili Mambo and Very Good.  These boys are something to watch out for now.  I’m so happy that they are getting wins for this song as well.  They get so excited.  It is adorable.  The music video also has Block B to the third power.  The vibrant colors and shenanigans make my heart sing.  This comeback was just overall great (also the album comes with the rough version of Very Good so you can see part of what Zico does when he’s making a song and what it turns into).

5. BTS – Danger

Alright this song, is my jam right now.  Fresh off the presses.  Well, freshly dropped on the internet.  We have BTS’s first full length album.  I had high expectations and they did not let me down.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this music and it always shocks me because I do not like Hip Hop in English.  Most likely because so much of it is just talking about having sex with girls. At least all of the Hip Hop I hear on the radio is.  With the exception of Macklemore.  Who I kind of like.  I digress.

I cannot tell you how many times I rewatched this teaser.  Again BTS put out multiple teasers for this song but I feel like this was the strongest.  Not only does it showcase some of the really awesome choreography (made even better by their use of water in some shots) but it showcases the best harmonies of the songs.  THAT CHORUS.  I die every time.

The music video hit the fan and I died again because it was so flawless.  BTS’s strength in my opinion is their personalities, their choreography, and their harmonies.  When I put it that way, they are perfect.  I say the same thing about VIXX that I just said about BTS.  Their have great stage presence and are not afraid to be themselves, no matter how embarrassing that is.  They are one of the best rookie groups out there in my opinion.

These were my favorite teasers from this summer.  While I was building this playlist I wondered what teasers went with some of my favorite songs of all time.  Here are a few that I felt really held up even after I knew the song was awesome.

6. Sunny Hill – Midnight Circus

I will stand by the fact that this is one of my favorite Kpop songs and videos.  Personally I have a soft spot for carnivals and toy shops.  This has everything that is good about a creepy carnival.

This particular teasers features a young cute IU walking through an abandoned room.  Then a creepy record player plays part of the midnight Circus song.  If I’m not wrong it is IU covering the chorus because the tone is different from that hitch is part of the actual song.

I listen to this song all the time.  It still stands up as one of my favorites and while I like Sunny Hill’s new music, this is still my favorite piece of theirs so far.  The teaser was great.  The video is great.  The song is great.  Can you tell I like this song?

7. Brown Eyed Girls – Kill Bill

Brown Eyed Girls are my favorite girl group, musically I have liked at least one song from all of their albums.  I also like all of the music the members have put out individually.  While I love f(x) and Girls Generation I cannot say the same thing.  Brown Eyed Girls have a different aesthetic.  Part of which are very well made theatrical music videos (at least recently in their career).

Kill Bill is my favorite music video of those and the teaser explains why.  Not only does it clearly pay homage to the film that the song takes its name from but it has such breathtaking stylized shots.  The cinematography nerd in my wants to scream it is so good.  Some of my favorite shots from the music video show up in the teaser.  Its just a good representation of what is to come with the full video.

I was torn between using Kill Bill and their song Cleansing Cream … so I figure I can at least give it an honorable mention and put it here in the text for you to watch if you so choose.

8. Girls Generation – 훗(Hoot)

Despite Girls Generation being one of the first groups I got interested in as well as the catalyst for my getting into Kpop in general I had never heard Hoot.  It is strange I agree.  It isn’t one of their more popular songs.  It never came up in my “What to watch next page” until now.  I stumbled upon it completely on accident.  However I think it is one of my favorite Girls Generation songs in general.

The teaser fits the theme of this video very well.  Apparently they were going for a sixties spy ala 007 or Austin Powers (the vinyl is making me think this I think … because there is zero crude humor).  I really like the stylized elements and it is weird to see an old SM video in this list because more often than not, I am completely unimpressed with SM’s take on what a music video should contain.

Their music on the other hand.  I enjoy thoroughly.  I think I like something from every single one of their idol groups.  The music they come out with is incredibly catchy.  The music videos are bland, but do you need a fancy music video when your music is on point.  *shrugs*  SM has been having a lot of scandals this year … which are entirely their own fault and not the fault of their idol groups so for recommendations here I am going to give some love to their new debut group Red Velvet and a throwback to EXO’s debut who are one member down but still amazing.

9. Trouble Maker – 내일은 없어 (Now)

Here we have another song from my original foray into the Kpop realm.  Trouble Maker was currently promoting with Now and Block B had just finished their Very Good promotions.  The scenes/videos inspired by The Dark Night was strong.  However they are also some of the best scenes in the video itself.

Before we get ahead of our self this playlist is about the trailers.  I mean teasers.  I mean … both.  They are both.  This teaser is another one where you don’t get a feel for what the music video is going to be.  The music video is actually really well done and when I get a hankering for the song I tend to watch it rather than just find it in my iTunes library because it is really well done.  The teaser just showcases the steamy choreography.  Which I suppose is one selling point.  Which is to be expected from Trouble Maker.

You might be wondering why I added it to a playlist of my favorite teasers if I don’t feel the teaser is as strong as the music video.  My answer to that is simply because I feel this is a fantastic music video and I would have been surprised if the teaser was as strong.  However it was beautifully shot and the use of a monochromatic color scheme with good outfits and if I didn’t know the music video was amazing I would have watched the music video because of it.  The dance was made better by the way they styled the scene.

10. IU- You&I(너랑 나)

I asked Taylor what old video I should use for the last one on this playlist as I looked up old teasers and he shouted “IU, obviously IU.”  So I figured I would check the teaser for my favorite IU video: You & I.  IU for her last few albums has had really strong music videos.

They always are extremely stylized, a little bit quirky, all kinds of fun and one of the best things out there.  IU is definitely my favorite solo artist that I’ve found to date.  This teaser showcases why.  Not only is she one of the cutest and prettiest idols there ever was ever, but she has an old timey fantastical feel to all her stuff that I absolutely love and it is front and center in this teaser.

I don’t know what else to say.  Watch this.  Watch Red Shoes.  Watch her remake of 나의 옛날이야기.


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