Monday Musings: The I Got my Wisdom Teeth Out Today so Let’s Talk About Movies

Obviously this post was written in advance because it is not random gibberish from a drugged up looney.

However, it may still be random musings and such, but so goes the Monday Musings, we are not new to this.

This Monday I wanted to talk about a series of video on YouTube that Neafcy has been making called The Youtube Movie Deal.  (Neafcy makes great videos in general talking about movies and things going around in the world or on YouTube in general so if you are a fan of intelligent discussion as well as comedy … check him out)

The Youtube Movie Deal is a series where he sits down with some of his favorite YouTubers and they discuss films, like can you have a favorite film or if you could walk into any film what would it be?

Films have been as much a part of my life as books have and I don’t talk about them nearly as much as I should on my blog.  Partially because this is primarily a book blog, but now that I’ve added in K-Pop on Sundays I might start talking about movies in general more often.

The first question that Neafcy always asks is what is the first film you remember seeing?  While most of us had to have seen films earlier on there is usually one film that you remember either because of some event that was going on around that movie or because the movie stuck with you.

For me it is either Chicken Run or A Bug’s Life … I saw both of them in the theater and while I could look up the release dats to figure out which one came first them are wishy in my mind so I’ll just say them both.

The reason that I remember both of these films is because I threw up at both of them … or after Bugs Life Technically.  I was sick when I went to see Bugs Life so the throwing up was unrelated but when it comes to Chicken Run I threw up because I was so horrified by that film.  I still have some trouble watching things in the same animation style like Wallace and Grommet or Sean the Sheep even though I know that nothing that horrific will be happening in those films.  I was so traumatized by that first watching that I will never forget it and it effects my watching of movies now.  I don’t particularly like watching films about game birds.  I have no need to see it, even if it is meant to be funny or for children.

This got me thinking about why we remember certain films from our childhood.  I remember those films because I got sick, but I also remember things like Barney the TV Show because I watched it religiously, or Muppet movies because they made me laugh.

The movies that a gravitate towards during my high school or college careers are movies that are actually really great films with brilliant writing and directing, but you don’t care about any of that when you are a child.  All you care about during childhood is the entertainment factor.  Yet the only reason I remember those two films is because I was violently ill.  I know from rewatches that the films are entertaining, but they aren’t my favorite childhood films.  I don’t even know if I remember what film I loved as a kid.

My Mom probably knows.

I know for my brother it was Cars and for my sister it was Monster Inc because I had to watch them a million times with them.  (That might say something for Pixar … although they were the leading producer of children’s films at the time).

Actually I think I do know what my favorite film as a kid was, it was either The Fox and The Hound or Beethoven … the film about the big dog.  (I called him ugly doggy as a four year old).  Those are films that I know I’ve seen over and over again and asked for over and over again.  The Fox and The Hound is kind of really depressing … but Beethoven is funny and has a quaint 90s nostalgic feeling upon re-watching.  I’m not sure what drew tiny me to them entirely.

What is it that makes children fall in love with a movie?

If you have any ideas I would love to know.

You should watch Neafcy’s videos because I only discussed one of the questions he poses these YouTubers and they all have interesting points to say and its highly entertaining all in all.

I hope your Monday is not riddled with pain and drugs as I’m sure mine will be.  -.-

I hate pain meds … I don’t like feeling out of touch with my mind and body.  TT.TT

Hopefully I will be able to participate properly in book club tomorrow.  We will be discussing Gretchen’s choice of The Falconer by Elizabeth May.  You should join us for our discussion.  I will be tweeting out the live link so be sure to follow @piedpipercalls on twitter.  (Plus sometimes I’m witty … you never know what you will get)


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