Sunday Spam: The-Return-From-the-Dead-to-Talk-About-Those-Live-Performances-of-New-Music-that-Blew-Me-Away-Like-a-Month-Ago Edition

*nervous laughter* Oh this playlist was put together at the same time as my last Sunday Spam but I am just now getting around to writing this post.

The inspiration for this post came from my persistent watching of the live music programs in Korea because VIXX was promoting.  (I got to see their wins live which was a super cool feeling).

However during that time a bunch of new groups debuted and some of my old favorites had comebacks as well.  Now there are more comebacks since then, but I already made the playlist and these are the ones that blew me away …

I put together the playlist with both the performances that I saw and the actual music videos for those songs so that you could hear what they sounded like live as well as studio version.

You are welcome.

Just click HERE!

1. Beast – Good Luck

Now while Good Luck is the song that they are promoting currently, the song that they performed with their comeback stage We Up is actually my favorite song from the album.  I find it really catchy and fun.  That is what caught me off guard, because while I have a handful of Beast songs in my library, I was never a big fan of their stages or music.  I didn’t run out to buy it.  However this comeback was surprisingly fun.  Therefore they show up here. *passive hand gestures of see*

2. AOA – 단발머리(Short Hair)

Now this is a song I put on here because I was a little uncomfortable with the video.  I absolutely have loved all of AOA’s music to come out until this point.  There is nothing wrong with this song.  It reminds me of their last comeback, and it feels a little like a companion piece so it seems a little repetitive but its not necessarily bad.  Its catchy and has some interesting vocals.  Jimin’s voice always stands out to me (The tiny leader with the dark bob and the rapper).  However they are wearing outfits and the video portrays them as working women, who are just sexy.  Its like they were trying to show that woman can work, but putting them in stereotypical feminine work places and skimpy sexy versions of those uniforms.  It was just a bit disingenuous.

However their outfits for the other song they performed Fantasy was beautiful.  (Like I said the thing that drew me to these songs were their performances live)

3. ZE:A -숨소리 (Breathe)

While this song didn’t stand out to me at first listen it grew on me.  I found myself singing it to myself later.  There are sections of the song that I really like and I eventually wound up getting it.  I don’t think I would have bought it if it weren’t for the fact that I heard it so many times while watching the music shows.  There are some songs that I hear once and love instantly, like Beast’s We Up but then there are songs like this that grew on my over time.  I recommend giving it a few listen throughs and if you aren’t singing along after that I don’t know how to help you.

4. 마마무 (MAMAMOO) – Mr.애매모호 (Mr.Ambiguous)

We have our first debut stage here with MAMAMOO.  Now I had heard of MAMAMOO a few months ago because they have another music video out that VIXX’s N and Hongbin had cameos in.  They have a distinct sound that is unlike anything in K-Pop currently.  They are going for a distinctly funk sound.  Lots of interesting horns and strong soulful vocals.  It is incredibly refreshing and their styling and stage performance was flawless (especially those mustache rings).  I loved everything about this performance.  The music video is just as great.  They are going to be something to look out for in the future.  Trust me about that.

5. N-Sonic – 빠삐용(Pop beyond)

While this song is super catchy the thing that I loved about this was the choreography to the dance.  There isn’t anything really special about the song but the choreography blew me away.  It wasn’t to the level where I was enthralled and got chills like I do when watching VIXX’s choreography for the first time, but I was still super impressed.  The music video has some really great visuals as well so its worth watching.

6. [Bob Girls] 단발머리 – 노웨이(No way)

Another debut stage that blew me away.  I was surprised with not only the vocals on these girls but with their confidence.  It is rare for a girl group to debut with a sexy concept, and to pull it off.  So often even veteran groups looks awkward or uncomfortable being made to look sexy but these girls pulled it off.  There wasn’t much to the choreography, dancing around a microphone stand, but it wasn’t displeasing.  I am looking forward to seeing what these girls do in the future.  (I think I won’t have to worry about them changing hair styles because they are literally named after a hair style, but who knows)

7. U-KISS – 끼부리지마

Now this video was shocking to U-KISS fans.  U-KISS have up until this point been an extremely wholesome group, and this comeback was incredibly sexy.  The video and the performances were banned in Korea for their content.  If you watch the videos you might understand why.  It leaves little to the imagination.  While there is the shock factor of this performance I honestly really like the song.  I just kind of have to push aside the fact that a sweetie like Kevin (who snuck away from his manager to go to church) could possibly be doing anything nefarious ever.  It is a little disconcerting.

8. History – Psycho

History’s comeback stage was before their music video release and I almost died because I wasn’t able to get the song right that second.  Not only is the song super fun to listen to (despite the lyrics being a little bit stalkery and rapey [it is about a psycho folks … literally crazy in love]) the performance was spot on.  The crazy eyes given during this performance are nearly at VIXX’s Hongbin’s level.  It was flawless.  The styling and choreography is great as well.  Overall I died when I saw the performance and I feel the same way every time I see it.  The choreography is alble to mimic the feel of a horror movie through the mixture of jerky and smooth slow movements.  Just great.  GREAT.  *coughs and moves on*

9. BIGFLO – Delilah

Boy group debut stage.  *claps*  A lot of people say that this song reminds them of early Block B and I can definitely understand that.  I think that these guys hold Block B as one of their key influences and I don’t think that is a bad thing.  A lot of people are saying they are copying Block B and all I have to say to that is that Block B do not have a monopoly on Khip-hop in idol groups, go look at BTS or Topp Dogg.  I don’t think that it is bad that they are similar in style.  Especially since I really like Block B and when this song reminded me of them it was a good thing.  I really liked the song.  Plus these guys are adorable.  I think everyone needs to understand HighTop’s (the rapper with grey hair) fear of hamsters.

10. Got 7 – A

The music video for this is adorable.  It is also really well edited and kind of funny.  I love the bright colors, its suits the style of the song.  It also isn’t really surprising that Got 7 had a strong comeback stage.  They thrive on performance.  Their music isn’t really what won me over, it was their strong performances and their personalities.  (Jackson I’m looking at you).  If you want a group with english speaking members, look no further.  Jackson and Mark are on Eric Nam’s show After School Club often because they are both fluent.  Its a good look.  I have to say that they seemed to do one move in there that reminds me of Sunmi’s 24 hours.  You know the one.

There we go.  I finally did it.  It took forever because I was apathetic to the world until this weekend.

I hope you liked it.  >.>

Let’s hope I can keep this up as we move forward!

(I get my Wisdom Teeth out tomorrow … *dies from fear*)



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