Monday Musings: The Impromptu Vacation Edition

So … I went missing for a few weeks … whoops …

Well, if you follow my twitter you know I haven’t been gone gone, just dying slowly on the inside.

No, I’m kidding I just took some time to myself as our book club had a crises as well.

Hopefully we will be on normal time tomorrow night, it is the absolute last time we will go with this until moving on to the next book.

If you don’t know we will be discussing The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks. (Its a fantasy assassin book … and you will hear my thoughts on that in the livestream -.-)

This weekend I was legitimately away from the internet.  I went to visit my grandparents at our summer home where there is no internet and no cable just a seemingly endless supply of  TV shows from the last century and movies and in the twice now obsolete VHS tape format.  It is an interesting thing looking at these tapes and remembering that you have to rewind them when it is done.  Interesting feeling knowing that rather than 0s and 1s on a disk there are tiny pictures of the actors on a piece of tape inside this clunky box thing.

Taylor is like 20 minutes away from my Grandparents house and we were able to hang out a bit and that made me feel better.  Which is why I now have the courage to return to the blog and do the thing.  I will do the thing.

I did some writing while I was away as well because I didn’t have the interwebs to distract me.  I often stay up late at night thinking about things that would be great stories or short films and they sort of just stay like that in my head.

So now there is a beginning of a story about porn stars on my computer and in my notebook.  The problem is that it is mostly dialogue and dialogue is my weakest point in writing … so while the idea might be great the execution is probably terrible.

More than anything I need someone to read it and tell me … if you edited this like thirty seven times it could be alright and I would edit it like forty nine times and feel like it was alright, but too often I will write something and then just go … nope, never mind and it becomes a hidden old file on my computer that will be lost when I get a new one.

I am apparently out of practice because that was incredibly rambly and incoherant totally.


Hopefully it will get better over time.

*runs off into the interwebs*

(but actually I am writing my friday and sunday posts AHAHHAHA!)


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