Monday Musings: The My Life Has Been Sucky Lately

They say that bad news comes in threes … I think I’m at like twenty billion by now.  That was an exaggeration but it feels like that.

I haven’t been sleeping very well, which has been the norm since last semester started … but it has finally caught up to me with sickness.

I hate it.

I lost my job, it was my fault, but it sucks.

I most likely won’t be able to go to South Korea next spring.  Which sucks even more.

I’m just incredibly tired, and sad, and sick right now.

I know that things could be much worse because I have the internet and a roof over my head, but it isn’t a good time in my life right now.

I will keep moving forward though.

We will hopefully be having book club tomorrow evening on Ready Player One.

*Stretches* this is what is happening.

Sorry this is so broken and sad.

I will do better soon.  I promise.


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