Sunday Spam: The KPop Does Cute Like Nobody’s Business Edition


Rokk and I collaborated on this playlist as well.  She supplied most of the boys, and I give you the girls.  (Also apologies if this is shorter than usual, I’ve been sick all week)

Let’s get into this:

1. Block B – Action

Gotta give the first shout out to my boys Block BBB.  Although, the video is ridiculously sweet for these boys who normally show such a strong and masculine image.  It is missing the leader and that in a way is a lot.  Zico was off doing other things.  While it suffers slightly for this the video overall is great!  Want some cute Block B?  Look no further.  Also, search through the cute Block B tags on tumblr.  You would be surprised how much there is.  Or not because they are part of Kpop industry.  Although admittedly, a lot of the cute Block B is filled with derp faces.  They are rather known for that.  Sometimes silly is cute.  Trust me.

2. Tiny G – Minimanimo

These girls are the epitome of cute.  Their mean height is about 5 feet even.  They are shorties which is really strange in the KPop industry, or at least for them to admit they are short.  I find it kind of hilarious that the all 6ft plus members of VIXX tower over most other idols … male of female.  These girls are banking on the tiny appearance to add to the cute factor.  Bright colors and a life size doll house. How much cuter can it get?  Plus they have another song where they wear cat themed outfits.  CAT OUTFITS GUYS.  Cuties to the core.

3. VIXX – G.R.8.U.

Speaking of VIXX.  Even giants can be ridiculously cute.  I mentioned this video a while ago when I talked about my favorite VIXX video.  This was runner up because of the amount of work the boys did to film this.  You might say, gosh it sure does seem like this video is going backwards.  That is because it is.  The music is playing normally though.  They had to learn their song backwards so they could lipsync to the track normally when the tape was played in reverse.  It has meaning as the song is in conjuncture with the Hyde concept, remembering how things were before they went … well to shit honestly.  Leo tried to strangle someone.  There is no beating around that bush.

4. Tint – Love at First Sight

If these girls look young, that’s because they are.  They are all teenagers still.  They debuted last year and recently had a comeback.  They appear to be their companies first idol group and I’m not sure if it is the fact that they are still young or the fact that the company itself is new but they haven’t fallen prey to the “sex sells” image that a lot of companies are pushing on their idol group recently.  It seems that even groups that were known for their cute concepts a few years ago have been doing continuous sexy concepts.  Although that is a discussion for another post.  I am going to keep watching these girls, because their music hasn’t particularly captured me yet, but there might be some good things coming for them as they grow and mature along with their company.  If nothing else, they are adorable no?

5. Boyfriend – On and On

Remember last time I made a cute playlist and it was 80% female artists … well I had to ask for Rokks help again because I often find when boy groups do the cute concept they look uncomfortable in the same way that some of the girl groups look uncomfortable with the sexy concepts.  This is not one of those videos.  I am completely surprised how every single one of the members of Boyfriend are able to show some kind of aegyo (super cute act) or at the very least sweetness and innocence.  It blows me away.  However this is not even the cutest boy band video she could come up with.  I saved that for last.  Honestly just wait.  I tried to top her, honestly I did, but I couldn’t.

6. Secret – Starlight Moonlight

Believe it or not but this group was the first KPop group I ever listened to.  I’m not sure if it was this song or Shy Boy that I heard first because I watched both the videos in close succession in one afternoon.  I didn’t know back then that this genre of music would take up so much of my life as it has.  However its hard to deny that the cuteness oozing out of these girls.  Although they are one of those groups that have had almost exclusively sexy comebacks since then.  Which saddens me a little.  I really like these cute songs.  What do you guys think?  Cute for the win?  Is the direction the music is going in a good one?  I definitely really like the stronger songs most of the time.  However, it was the whimsy of these cute concepts that drew me in in the first place.

7. AlphaBAT – Surpries Party

I mentioned these boys before as well, in the list of most badass groups.  Yes they belong on both lists. Why wouldn’t they when they come out with a holiday song like this one.  Goodness.  How a group can change their image so quickly has got me beat.  However, they definitely pull it off.  Once again I think I prefer their strong images to this one, but it has its charms.  Plus I rather like that they made the video into its own behind the scenes video.  It gives the feeling that though they have a strong image on stage behind the scenes they are actually just super cute innocent boys.  It makes me want to squish their faces.  In the way that I am having a response to the cuteness … not that I want to hurt them.  Oh dear this has become awkward.

8. Girls Generation – Oh!

Ahem.  Any way.  I couldn’t make this list without including at least on Girls Generation song.  I feel like I haven’t spoken about them very much even though they are probably one of the most widely known kpop groups behind 2NE1 and Bigbang … who I also haven’t been speaking much about … whoops … I’ll have to make “so you want to introduce your friends to kpop” edition soon with my personal favorite here is what you will be getting yourself into videos.  Girls Generation have changed their image since this song came out, but its alright because they have matured in a way that is sexy in all the right ways.  It is less blatant boob grazing and body rolls and more subtle confidence.  I still love this old cuteness though.  I can’t get enough.

9. JJ Project – Bounce

Alright this video is arguable the least cute in the list.  I put it here so that when you watched the next video you will feel I have made up for it because it is the MOST CUTEST THING EVAR.  However, I personally find this video cute.  Mostly because it is such a fun song, and the idea of these boys running through the streets bouncing around and headbanging really amuses me.  If this video were coming out tomorrow I would probably replace this video with their main groups new video because it looks like it is going to be adorable.  But when this list goes live that video won’t be up yet.  (No Worries I have already reserved a spot for it in next weeks playlist.  Be prepared.)

10. Nu’est – Not Over You

I’m giving them a strong picture because the cuteness would be too much.

This is the mother of all mothers when it comes to boy bands making cute videos.  I cannot stress how sick this cuteness makes me.  In all the right ways.  It’s like injecting sugar directly into your veins its so sweet.  When Rokk sent me the name of this song I had not seen the video.  All other cute things have been ruined for me forever.  Its okay though because I forgive her.  I think the key to successful cute boy band videos is not to have them dressed in bright color and dancing super cutely like the girls, its to just have them out and about being smiley happy idiots and fooling around.  This video is just that.  It makes my heart sing and cry at the same time.  I apologize for any emotional trauma that may have been caused as a result of watching this video, but direct all comments on the matter to Rokk here.  It is all her fault.  ALL HER FAULT.  *weeps into hands*

That’s it for this week.  Next week is going to be another extra long playlist though it will only have ten songs.  The reason being that I have been blown away by the comeback and debut stages over the past two weeks and I wanted to show them to you.  I had to wait until next week because three of the music videos won’t be released until tomorrow and I had already put together this playlist.  Please look forward to it.  It is looking super promising.


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