Sunday Spam: The Let’s Learn a Thing Together Edition (pt. 1) Topp Dogg

So last week you might recall that one of Rokk’s suggestions was a song by Topp Dogg.  I did have a few songs by Topp Dogg in my music library, however I hadn’t done much research on them.

This is in part due to the fact that there are 13 members in Topp Dogg.

That is right, a bakers dozen boys to learn the names and appearances of.

Fun fact about me, if there are more than about 9 members to a group, I start forgeting the ones I don’t find as interesting as the rest.  This makes me feel so freaking bad.  Every member should be important.

So today, I intend to do my best and learn about all of the members of Topp Dogg and get it to stick in my head.  I’m going to share that experience with you so that you may join me if you so choose.

Step 1: Music!

I have made a handy dandy playlist.  Like any good friend would.

The playlist starts with all of the tracks that Topp Dogg have released and the last few videos are all of their music videos.


1. Dogg’s Out Full Mini Album (released October 24th, 2013)

  • Dogg’s Out
  • Follow Me [& music video]
  • Girl Like You (Kidoh Solo)
  • Cute Girl
  • Playground

2. Dogg’s Out Repackage Album (released December 12th, 2013)

  • Dogg’s Out
  • Follow Me
  • Cigarette [& music video]
  • Girl Like You (Kidoh Solo)
  • Cute Girl
  • Playground
  • Follow Me (Chinese Version)

3. Arario (released January 16th, 2014)

  • Arario [& music video]
  • Open the Door
  • R-Uh
  • Fever
  • Open the Door (Instrumental)

4. Arario Special Edition (released February 24th, 2013)

  • Arario
  • Keep Smiling
  • Open the Door [& music video]
  • R-Uh
  • Fever
  • Arario (Remix)
  • R-Uh (Remix)
  • Arario (Instrumental)

5. Amadeus (released June 9th, 2014)

  • Intro
  • 아마데우스 (AmadeuS)
  • TOPDOG [& music video]
  • 살리에리 (Salieri)
  • TOPDOG (Instrumental)

Group Information:

The group is signed under Stardom Entertainment.

Their debut stage was on the Korean music show Music Bank in October of last year.

They have released three mini albums and two repackaged albums.

They have five music videos (one for each album’s promotional track) and some dance versions of their music videos.


The members are divided into four kingdoms.  I will be discussing them in these groups, it is assumed that the members will also be working in sub-units though the sub-units may not be kingdom exclusive.  They are still a relatively new idol group so we shall see what comes of them in the coming years.


  • P-Goon:
    Real Name – Park Sehyuk (박세혁)
    Birthday – October 18th, 1991
    Age – 23
    Position – Leader, Vocal, Dance
    DUET w/ Atom

  • Sangdo:
    Real Name – Yu Sangdo (유상도)
    Birthday – March 2nd, 1993
    Age – 21
    Position – Vocal

2. Knights:

  • Kidoh:
    Real Name – Jin Hyosang (진효상)
    Birthday – December 16th, 1992
    Age – 22
    Position – Rap, Producing

  • Nakta:
    Real Name – Shin Yooncheol (신윤철)
    Birthday- April 24th, 1993
    Age – 21
    Position – Vocal
    DUET w/ Jenissi

  • A-Tom:
    Real Name -Kim Sanggyun (김상균)
    Birthday – May 23rd, 1995
    Age – 19
    Position – Rap

3. Lions:

  • Yano:
    Real Name – Seo Sangwon (서상원)
    Birthday – September 27th, 1995
    Age – 19
    Position – Rap

  • Jenissi:
    Real Name –  김태양 (Kim Taeyang)
    Birthday – August 2nd, 1991
    Age – 23
    Position – Rap

  • Seogoong:
    Real Name – Park Hyunho (박현호)
    Birthday – May 1st, 1992
    Age – 22
    Position – Main Vocal

  • Gohn:
    Real Name – Kim Dongsung (김동성)
    Birthday – August 1st, 1992
    Age – 22
    Position – Main Vocal

4. Wizards:

  • Xero:
    Real Name: Shin Jiho (신지호)
    Birthday – February 3rd, 1994
    Age – 20
    Position – Rap, Dance

  • Hansol:
    Real Name: Kim Hansol (김한솔)
    Birthday – June 15th, 1993
    Age – 21
    Position – Vocal, Dance
    DUET w/ HoJoon

  • Hojoon:
    Real Name – Jeon Hojoon (전호준)
    Birthday – October 31st, 1992
    Age – 22
    Position – Vocal, Dance
    DUET w/ HanSol

  • B-Joo:
    Real Name – Kim Byungjoo (김병주)
    Birthday – January 8th, 1994
    Age – 20
    Position – Vocal, Dance


I’m not sure if I have learned them all … let’s say about half … I recognize the ones that I like the best right off the bat.  The others are a bit wobbly for me.  But I’m sure as I continue to follow them, they will all fall into line.

I know for sure all of these guys are made of pure talent.  Their newest album is flawless.  FLAWLESS.  So good.

I hope you give them a listen and enjoyed learning about them all like I did!

Are you reading the first half of Rumo by Walter Moers?  You should be because the book club will be discussing it this week.  Jump on it.  If you want to know what will be coming up soon, please feel free to check my Bibliomancy for Beginners page.



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