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Monday Musings: The It’s Super Late but Let’s Talk About Stuff


Those of you who care about my weekly book club will know that this week we have been reading Code Name Verity.

This was Gretchen’s Choice of favorite book/book that we want the others to read.

I have failed her.

I read past the obligatory 100 pages but I have a secret to share:

I freaking hate war books.

War books specifically war books about WWII but really all war books make me the saddest sad that ever sadded.  I don’t like feeling sad.  There is no happiness in war books and if there is happiness you don’t trust it because someone is going to die, someone innocent is going to die, it will be horrible and painful.


I tried guys.  Honestly I tried, but I have had the worst week I’ve had in a long time and that was why I didn’t get up my American Gods review last week either.  This was the exact wrong book for me to be reading.  This was not a thing I needed in my life right now.  Just knowing that I would be sad made it worse, and I couldn’t push through it any more.

I might come back to it and finish it in the future, when I am in a more stable mood.  This week is not that week.

However, we will still be discussing this chiz tomorrow evening in a live chat.

You should join us.

It will be fun.

Even if it is heart-breakingly sad.

I will be posting the VOD of the stream here on Wednesday, so look out for that.


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