Sunday Spam: The Check These Bad A$$es Move … Dang … Edition

The playlist associated with this post can be found here.

Before I begin I would like to thank the lovely Rokk from for helping me out with this one.  I was struggling to decide on a theme and together we decided to make a playlist full of awesome dances and utter badassery.  If you want to follow another awesome new blog she comes highly recommended.  Go follow her.  I promise it will be worth it.

Now on to the fun times!

Song the first:

SHINee – Everybody

SHINee debuted in 2008 under SM entertainment.  They are definitely a staple in more KPop fans playlists.  They have been around for a while and when I introduce new people to KPop I will list them along with Girls Generation, Big Bang, and 2NE1 as the big contenders for foreigners to enjoy the music even if they can’t understand the lyrics.  They usually go over pretty well.

You will definitely need to be okay with a little bit of dubstep to listen to this song and enjoy completely, but even if you aren’t a fan of the wubs and whirs you can still enjoy the dancing.  That is what this playlist is all about after all.  These guys are some of the best when it comes to synchronization and coordinated dance moves.  They often have routines where one member causes a chain reaction in the rest of the members.  They work as a unit together rather than just a bunch of photocopies.  I feel like they are always on point.

If you want to see more from them I would recommend Sherlock 셜록 (Clue + Note) and Lucifer.  <– Classics, learn them, love them, deem them holy.

Song the second:

SPEED – Don’t Tease Me!

I have mentioned SPEED on here before.  They were originally a subunit of Co-Ed School but have become their own group entirely.  Their leader Woo Taewoon writes and produces for the group.  He might look familiar to some of you Block B fans, seeing as he is Zico‘s older brother.  The Woo brothers are definitely people to contend with and two of my all time favorite idols.

This is my favorite performance piece by them, and that is why I chose to use a performance of there’s.  Not to mention the fact that the music video is a live performance as well.  However I prefer Inkigayo’s editing for this number.  The acrobatic stunts in this routine left me breathless the first time I watched it so I highly recommend paying attention.  Although this routine also has one of the most awkward moves in dance history … butt slaps … who thought that was a good idea?  In any case they pull it off valiantly and it is a great show overall.

If you are a fan of SPEED I recommend 좀비파티 Zombie Party! and Why I’m Not?  I didn’t realize it until just now, but they are fans of punctuation in their song titles.  It is kind of endearing.  Not every song has punctuation, but my favorites appear to.

Song the third:

Brown Eyed Girls – Kill Bill

I mentioned GaIn a few weeks ago in a post, well now I am adding her group to the list.  The Brown Eyed Girls are one of my favorite groups.  These girls have style, they have attitude, and above everything else they have moves.  The group was sort of hand picked by their leader and they definitely make a great team.

Though I linked to the full length music video for this post I would also recommend checking out the dance version, if you want to miss all the cinematic and want to see this dance as it was meant to be seen.  However, the second half to this playlist is the sheer bad assery of these groups which I think shines through best in the full version.  Though as the title would suggest the video will make more sense if you have seen the Kill Bill films.  There is a bit of cheese in some of the shots here and there.  The editing is off a little bit if you want the fighting to be believable.  I would have made things a little bit sooner or later if I was editing it, but I wasn’t and it is still fabulous despite that fact.

If you want to hear more from these ladies I would recommend Abracadabra or 중독 Addicted.  Plus these girls are just as strong solo: GaIn, Narsha, Miryo, and JeA.

Song the fourth:

AlphaBAT – 딴따라

There are nine of these boys and they all chose stage names that begin with a different letter of the alphabet from B-J [B C D EF G H IJ].  (They didn’t start with A because A is for Alpha the name of their fan club and theirs fans always come first)  They are too cute.  These boys are rookies and they have already made it on this list.  I think they are in line with BAP for strong debut stages.  If you are into something with more of a hip hop sound to it then for sure check these boys out.

I mean they are waving around freaking police batons on stage clad in leather and harnesses, if this isn’t Bad Ass I don’t know what is.  Yes that is capitol B capitol A Bad Ass.  For me when there are a large number of members in a group their stages can seem crowded.  It can be difficult to single out any one member as being particularly strong or even at times to figure out who is currently singing, but I never get that feeling when watching AlphaBAT.  They somehow manage to all shine on their own, while remaining a streamline group.  No disappearing into the crowd, but also not looking like an uncoordinated mess.  It is a fine line that these boys have straddled and they continue to shine.

If you like their music try AB City or Surprise Party.

Song the fifth:

VIXX – Voodoo Doll

I don’t think it is possible to leave VIXX out of one of these playlists.  I love them too much.  They are my favorite groups when it comes to performing on stage partially because their dancing is soooo good.  I’ve spoken about them enough so I don’t think there is anything I need to add about them, just be warned that this video has some snakes in it, and a lot of graphic images of blood and brains and things.

My favorite routine of theirs is in Voodoo Doll although I greatly prefer it with the stabbing.  They had to change their choreography for their performances in Korea because it was rated too violent for young audiences.  However there was something that died in the routine when they weren’t able to do this.  The choreography relies on each member acting as the voodoo doll for the rest of the members.  Plus the part where Ravi stabs himself with the pin is one of my favorite things to watch, not because he is hurting himself … simply because it was one of the most powerful performances in the routine let alone in KPop in general.  So good.

If you need something else of their to listen to, support their current promotion of 기적 Eternity or their rappers self composed song 껄렁껄렁.

Song the sixth:

Block B – Very Good

Did you see this one coming after I had already mentioned both SPEED and VIXX.  You had to.  That’s right ladies and gentleman Block B make the cut again.  They will be performing here in the states in approximately three weeks and unfortunately I won’t be able to see them.  I am so sad.  I want to see them so bad.  However I do not have a ride nor a friend to attend the concert with.  Terrible misfortune has fallen upon me.  Someday, at some point I will be able to see them live.  This year is not the year however.

If you want Bad Asses and you don’t think anyone before has made the cut there is no way you can pass these boys by.  There is simply no way.  Taking inspiration form The Dark Knight Rises they put together a music video where they seem completely intense and ridiculous at the same time.  This is Block B’s way.  This was the second song of theirs that I found and it is the video that caused me to fall head over heals in love with them.  Now I can’t go a day without listening to something by them, and I seek out their current endeavors.  If you want to watch the boys being incredibly silly I recommend watching their current variety show Five Minutes Before Chaos.

I recommend watching this video closely, then give equal scrutiny to Nilli Mambo and Nalina before going and watching their Jackpot music video because it holds little nods to their past music videos.

Song the seventh:

Topp Dogg – 아라리오

This group is one of Rokk’s favorites and if you want to know why she loves them so much I recommend asking her.  I linked her tumblr up above there.  Go talk to her.  She won’t bite.  At least I hope she won’t.  If she has the magical ability to travel through computers even if it is under the restriction that she must bite the person on the other end of said computer I am completely jealous.

Personally I really love this song.  I watched them while they were currently promoting it and it inspired me to buy a handful of their other songs and explore their discography a bit.  Their choreography for this song is also quite unique.  The use of fans is particularly interesting.  Idols don’t often use props and when they do I always like to see what they use it for.  One of the routines that blew me away with their use of prop was VIXX’s earlier in this playlist, this is another.  When props are done right, they can bring a routine to a whole new level.

If you like Arario try out 말로해 (Follow me).

Song the eighth:

Teen Top – Rocking(장난아냐)

Fun fact, all of the members of Teen Top are no longer teens.  They were when they debuted, but now they have all reached adulthood and rather than change their name to … Adult Top … Sub-Adult Top … New Adult Top … they merely made their name an acronym.  So you boys are Teen Top … is that because you are teens? … Oh no it stands for this … I’m a little weirder out by that as well.

However, I would love to hijack this dance routine and learn it.  It is just so fun looking.  I love it to pieces.  Not to mention that they do this so in tune with each other.  As someone who danced for fourteen years I can really appreciate it when people put in the effort to make sure their moves are all at the same time.  It bugs the hell out of me when one or two people are going just a little bit faster or slower than the rest.  That used to be a sign of poor sense of rhythm but it could also be that the one person cares more about their own moves as opposed to how the routine looks as a group.  Whatever that is, these guys don’t have it.  They are on point, on point I tell you.

I also rather enjoy Miss Right and Be Ma Girl by these lovely guys.  You should check them out for the dancing and for the music.  Which is catchy as hell.

Song the ninth:

T-ARA – Number Nine

T-ara had one of my favorite songs of last year, this song in fact.  They had a bit of a scandle a while back, losing one of their members because of bullying, but the girls are still moving.  They came back strong and have a lot of songs that I really enjoy.  Plus they are the perfect amount of sexy and awkward cute most of the time.  What more could you ask for?

Why are they here in this playlist, while I do enjoy the dance routine accompanied with this song I think that this is another song where the badassery is much more important than the moves.  Though they are still awesome … I assure you.  While they are not killing each other like The Brown Eyed Girls were earlier, they are still owning this music video.  They all show really strong performances when trying to display the different emotions one goes through when falling in and out of love and they all show a strong face in the end.  I think it is bad ass.  Don’t you agree?

Want something different?  Try Lovey-Dovey because there are zombies … yes that’s right zombies …or perhaps Roly-Poly is more to your taste with its 70s vibe?  Give it a try, though there is a lot of story line to the beginning of this video.

Song the tenth:

BTS (방탄소년단) – We Are Bulletproof Pt2 (위 아 불렛프루프 Pt.2)

Last but certainly not least we have BTS.  There is a reason they were voted rookie of the year at essentially every music awards show in Korea.  They are talented to say the least.  They have had a strong come back every single time.  They are currently promoting in Japan.  Their leader, Rap Monster is also really great at speaking English so it shouldn’t be hard to find videos of him doing so.

This is the second song they released, but I chose this one in particular because in the last minute or so the dance line really shines.  They each do a solo number that showcases their talents.  It is insanely captivating to watch.  Not to mention the fact that the song is wicked strong as is all of their music.  They are one of my favorite groups and if you follow my tumblr you probably already know that.  Although currently it is swamped with VIXX stuff … they’ve just come back … and it means I get to see their pretty faces all the time … I can’t help it.

If you like BTS I would recommend 상남자(Boy In Luv) or 하루만(Just one day).  I am looking forward to everything these boys have to show us in the future.

I’m sorry if a lot of this was incoherent rambling.  The entirety of this post was written under extreme sleep deprivation, but the Kpop playlist must go up.  Even if everything else is falling down around me.  This will be a thing.




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