Sunday Spam: The OHEMGEE CUUUUTE~ Playlist

I have to say that this playlist is dominated by Girl Groups, I am not the biggest fan of cute Boy Group songs.  They seem disingenuous a lot of the time, like they are merely being forced to be cute for the concept.  There are a few on this list any way.  Watch all of the video in the playlist I made just for you!

Because this playlist is meant to be about the music videos and songs themselves I will leave my rambling to a minimum.

Now.  The Battle of the Cuties~

Song the First:

You’ve seen these cuties last week, for this playlist I needed to have some the cutest girls around Orange Caramel.  I chose their song 아잉♡ (and yes the ♡ is part of the song title) because they went with a fairtale concept.  It is such a super sweet and catchy song.  I can’t listen to it without bounces and swaying.  This is true of almost all of Orange Caramel’s songs though so nothing new there.

Song the Second:

One of IUs songs called Marshmallow.  IU in general is an extremely cute idol and is widely loved in Korea, not just by teenage girls but men and women of all ages.  Flawless creature that she is.  In this video I just wanna squish her cheeks.  Which is a weird thing, but it is true.  This is an old song and I do tend to prefer her newer music, so why not try out Modern Times or You &I.

Song the Third:

This song is Telepathy by Girl’s Day, it is the only song on this list that does not have a music video.  However it is an extremely catchy song, I’m talking crazy catchy.  So catchy it hurts me.  Plus the beginning which sounds like an old school video game soundtrack is flawless.  I want more of that in my life.

Song the Fourth:

This is AOA Black, a sub-unit of AOA or Ace of Angels made up of the girls who can play instruments.  They are all actually playing the instruments in this video.  Sometimes idols will hold instruments for music videos but these girls can actually play.  This song is Moya (모야) and it is super sweet.  It has a slower tempo than the previous songs but it is just as fun to listen to.  I personally love all of the bright colors in this video.

Song the Fifth:

We have our first male group, 25K with their song U R So Cute (귀여워죽겠어).  An apt title I think.  While the acting in this video is kind of awkward I have to love the idea that these boys turn into stuffed cats.  Too cute.  This song is very poppy and upbeat.  Plus I kind of like to just watch them smile.  The dance is dazzlingly cute as well, I kind of want to do it.

Song the Sixth:

We follow up with B1A4’s O.K.  This was one of the first songs that I found when I was looking for new KPop after my initial binge.  B1A4 are one of the groups that I check up on as well from time to time.  I’m not quite obsessed with them in the same way I love VIXX or Block B but I like to keep tabs on what they have been up to.  I think all you need to do is watch them in action.  Give it a go!

Song the Seventh:

Something I learned when I got into K Pop was that I had already listened to a couple Korean groups while I was in High School.  One of those songs, was Shy Boy by Secret.  At that time I didn’t really like the music but I still appreciated the whimsy of this video.  I think you have to be heartless to not like it.  The 50s theme is great.  Love it.  A+ girls A+.

Song the Eighth:

This is the only song on the playlist by a group that has disbanded.  This is Co-Ed School, whose members have split into F-veDolls and SPEED (You know I have a love of SPEED well here they are in baby form minus some members and with some different ones), with their song  삐리뽐 빼리뽐.  I am not so much a fan of all the auto-tune that goes on in this song, but I still like the music of this song.  There is something about it that I find incredibly appealing.  I think it is the background music.  If I could I would go looking for the instrumental track, but then again I do like Taewoon and Sungmin’s rapping.  Some of the singing is fine as well, like the chorus.  Oh I dunno, for now I will just enjoy this song as it is and you should as well.

Song the Ninth:

My darling VIXX paired up with an indie group called 옥상달빛 to create this super cute song, 여자는 왜 (Girls, why?).  It is incredibly different from their usual style of music which is quite dark, however they are able to pull it off completely.  There is a reason they are my favorites.  Honestly, I don’t think I could dislike something they come out with.  Give it a listen and tell me whether you like their usual dark concepts or this song better in the comments below.

Song the Tenth:

I could not make this playlist without having at least one Tiny-G song.  I went with Minimanimo (미니마니모).  This is a group whose mean height is 5’3″.  They are shorties and super cute shorties at that.  They have put out some really great music for rookies.  I recently found them because one of the blogs I follow on tumblr is a big fan.  I look forward to what they will be coming out with in the future.  All of their title tracks are really great.  They even have one where they wear cat themed outfits.  Give them some love if you can.

So end the playlist of super cute idols.  I am not sure whether I prefer my longer rambling style or this shorter one.  I want to give you guys more information if you want it but I don’t want you to avoid reading the post because it seems like a wall of text.  Which do you prefer?

I am also going to add a poll here at the bottom, let me know which song you thought was the cutest.


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