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Lord of the Flies by William Golding (Review from the Dregs)

A review from the Dregs instead of our weekly Bibliomancy for Beginners Episodes because that post will be coming to you on Friday. (Learn more at the bottom of the page)

Title: Lord of the Flies
Author: William Golding
Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group
Page #: 184
Genre: allegory, adventure story, castaway fiction

This is a classic that I had to read for my AP Literature class and it was slow to start and slightly drawn out at times.  I did like it better towards the end.  When I first spoke about reading it I said that it gave me similar feelings the Catcher In The Rye did.  They are both written from the point of view of adolescent boys and while this does make the stories more relatable to people my age, I find them simple in language.  The over analysis of the symbolism in Catcher In The Rye ruined it slightly for me as well as the fact that the entire plot of the book is just a kid complaining about life.  The plot to Lord of the Flies however is much more intricate.

A group of boys on their way out of England in a plane find themselves crash landed on an island that is uninhabited by people.  While initially they are excited about the prospects of not having to conform to rules, things quickly get hard.  The boys having to survive on their own as well as care for numerous young children that were on the flight as well.  While the older boys struggle to get things done and struggle to get rescued the younger boys run off and play or scavenge for fruit.  The plight of the boys is intensified as personalities clash and fear mounts.  Things turn bad very quickly.

For such a short book I read it fairly slowly and I’m not sure why.  I think it has to do with the fact that the only character I enjoyed was constantly being degraded and picked on. I dislike reading when my favorite character is being used by the other characters or even the author as a tool.  The story was fine and the writing though simple had nothing wrong with it.  It is an okay read and a classic so reading it at some point is definitely a must.

If it makes you feel any better there are only two of these left in my reserves so I will be forced to make original posts from now on.  Be excited.

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