Sunday Spam: The Favorite Group Playlist Edition

You bet your bottom I made you another playlist for this one.  (I would like to give a trigger warning for the ninth song as it depicts rape within a relationship) There are ten songs from five groups so you can learn which groups I like the best.  Find out why below:

1. Block B

I have mentioned Block B in all of my KPop posts.  They were the first group where I noticed I liked enough of their music to buy their entire discography, this was followed closely by my next pick on the playlist.

The songs I picked for Block B were the two songs that I heard first and got me hooked on Block B.  This is from their last promotion cycle.  The first song is Very Good and the second is 빛이 되어줘 (Be The Light).  The former is quite loud and over the top, obviously inspired by The Dark Knight, the latter is a ballad and I don’t usually like ballads so that says something.

The main reason that I like Block B so much is that they are wholly themselves.  They don’t put on airs to promote a certain type of image they are just a bunch of guys.  It is obvious that they are good friends off camera and out of the limelight and not just people who were forced together by a company.  Their dynamic, individual personalities, and willingness to look like complete idiots is something that endeared them to me.  If you like their sound I would recommend looking up their appearances on the Korean Variety Show Weekly Idol (each word is a different video) because it is so funny and awkward that I can’t watch it straight through, I have to pause it to calm down before continuing.

2. Vixx

I’ve also mentioned these guys in my previous posts.  Block B was my first love, Vixx was my second.  I have purchased their entire discography and made an effort to watch any broadcast they put out.  I have this weird motherly feeling towards Vixx where I want to hug them all and watch them be happy and successful.

The songs I picked for them are my personal favorites Chaos (A Live Acoustic Version of it) and 대답은 너니까 Only You.  The former is my favorite song of theirs of all time, it is something I listen to on the daily, the latter is my favorite music video of theirs (although 대.다.나.다.너 G.R.8.U is a close second).

VIXX’s charisma comes out in their concepts and stage performances.  While most people know them for their dark concepts like Voodoo Doll, Hyde, and On and On I really love every inch of their music.  I can watch their choreography all day.  I also love watching their weekly videos to their fans.  Whatever it is that VIXX puts out into the world I always want to take it in.  For me they are like sunshine, something to be enveloped by and feel at ease.

3. Orange Caramel

Here is a group that I haven’t introduced you guys to before, Orange Caramel.  These three girls are a sub-unit of After School and they are absolutely flawless human beings.

The two songs that I chose to show are their most recent promotions Catalena and Lipstick.  Both videos are meant to be comedic and I hope that you found them that way.  For their promotions of the former all of their outfits were based on food (even burgers and pizza) for the latter they always had one article of clothing that seemed out of place (like bright yellow shoes or tutus).

The only downside to this group is the fact that they are  a subunit (which get far fewer promotional cycles).  Part of me wishes they were around constantly because their videos and live performances always make me smile.  They are another group that aren’t afraid to look silly, in fact they play it up that way.


These guys are my newest favorites and I have definitely mentioned them before.  In fact one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored and waiting for something new to show up on the internet is play a SPEED themed version of 2048 (highly recommended).

I chose my two favorite songs of theirs to show you guys, one of which was a recent promotion,놀리러 간다 Don’t Tease Me as well as Why I’m Not (왜 난꼭).  I chose to show you a performance of Don’t Teas Me because it has awesome flips (I’ve spoken about this before), they went all out with their choreography.  The music video for Why I’m Not has a One Shot feel to it and I really like it (the song took a few listens for me to love, but I did end up loving it whole-heartedly).

If you didn’t know the leader of SPEED Taewoon (third from the left above) is the leader of Block B, Zico’s older brother.  Both brothers write and produce songs for their groups including some of the songs I’ve shared on this playlist.  Talent in that family.  Hardcore talent.  These guys have recently also started doing weekly videos for their fans however they don’t come out with english subs so you might have to go hunting around for them.

5. Ga In

Now I had to add Ga In solely for her last album.  She is a member of the group Brown Eyed Girls who also are one of my favorite groups but Ga In’s last solo album was fantastic, I loved every last inch of it.

I chose to share the two songs on the album that she made videos for, the first being Fxxk U followed by Truth or Dare(진실 혹은 대담).  I am going to give a trigger warning on the first video because the song and video are meant to depict rape within a relationship.  This is one of the things that blew me away by this album, the fact that Ga In was willing to put out a song on such an in your face topic.  She obviously wasn’t able to promote this song because of the language and content obviously being flagged and unable to air on the music programs that are used for promotions so she promoted the title track for the album Truth or Dare.  This song also has a flawless video which is meant to depict the image that idols are meant to put on every time they leave their house.  If you want to listen to the song without all of the interruptions the video has I will also link the version without all the talking, though the original video is a work of art.  Plus she rocks the short hair.

I always appreciate an artist who uses their videos to enhance the theme of their song.  Some companies prefer to just have their idols dancing in a room, others do this.  I wildly prefer the latter.  G-Dragon and Ga In’s group Brown Eyed Girls both have videos I feel exemplify this style.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks Sunday Spam.

Was it too Spammy?  Should I fry it up with some eggs and buttered toast next time?

I hope you had a great week and I will talk to you all tomorrow.

P.S. Tuesday we will be airing Bibliomancy for Beginners Season 2 Episode 1 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey.  Come join in on the fun!

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