#Fridayreads: The Dance Recital Edition

Some of you may know that I danced for fourteen years up until I left to go to school.  This year is my dance studio’s 40th anniversary and that means a reunion dance special.  I am an alum and therefore was invited to take part.

This means that tonight and tomorrow night I will be participating in the recital.  I don’t dance very much because I only just got home, but it does mean that I have to be at the recital both nights.

This will take away from my reading time however I plan on finishing two books this weekend.

The first is reread, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  (Are you guys tired of me talking about this yet?)  If you didn’t know this is the first book that my book club will be reading and we will be doing a live stream of our discussion Tuesday.  I will post a link  to that video on Wednesday but if you want to join the live stream be sure to follow my twitter.



The second book I plan on finishing is Kafka on the Shore.  I will tell you guys more about why that is during the live stream on Tuesday and my post on Wednesday.  I have been reading this for a while simply because of how much work I had at school.


What are you guys reading this weekend?  I really want to know.


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