Mon-Tuesday (Night) Musings: The OhGAWDFinals Edition

Next week is finals week.

Next week is finals week.

Next week is finals week.


I am so tired but that means both the worst is yet to come and the end is near.

That also means the return of Bibliomancy for Beginners in its proper form.  I might sit down with Gretchen some point this week before we leave to discuss how we can make them better.  Perhaps new questions, or segments …

It also means I might be able to get back to studying Korean.  I have to put together my application to study abroad this summer.

We shall see how that goes.

I finished ZoetIC last week.

That is a thing that happened.

It is complete.  We never heard back from anyone in the art department which means I very quickly learned how to use adobe illustrator and one of my section editors and I both spent 12 hours straight transferring everything over into inDesign.  It was crazy and time consuming.

The final thing is at the printers at the moment and I hope it gets back to us before Thursday when we are supposed to be handing them out.

One of my pieces is in it, Taylor also has a piece in it.

I’m just ready to be done guys.  I haven’t read in so long.  At least not for myself.  I’ve been reading The American for one of my classes but I don’t think that it would make a good review book.

I have another review from The Dregs for Wednesday.  It isn’t much but it is something right?

I’ll talk to you soon, hopefully.  If not, definitely when everything is done.


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