We were in the outdoors! #Fridayreads

Taylor and I needed to get off campus for a bit so we went for a hike.  It was only 3/4 of a mile, a nice trail along a gorge that ended at one of the largest waterfalls in the area.

afterlight (6)

At first we were bewildered and confused.  This was the outdoors.  This was other.

afterlight (7)

To ease our worry we did what any good college students do: research.

afterlight (5)









Being more of a hands on person I took to testing the water.  These pools were eaten out of the stone by acid rain apparently.  It just felt wet.

afterlight (3)

Taylor informed me that there were birds in the cliffs, apologies, “Not birds, Cliff Dwellers,” in his own words.

afterlight (4)

He was right of course.  Cliff dwellers.

afterlight (8)

I was too busy being bros with the river to worry over semantics.


afterlight (1) afterlight (2)


In the end we took token photographs in front of the waterfall, and began the trek back to the car.  We had some time left before we were needed back on campus so we went across the road and spent some time in the lakeside park.  It was a nice outing and reminded us that there are places off of campus and that real live adult people live in Ithaca.  There is life here.  It is beautiful, and far less stressful.

(Also yes, Taylor wore a tie on our hike.  He was given the name Tailored Taylor for a reason)

As for this weekend, I am going to be working hard core on the literary magazine I am the editor in chief of.  I have apparently been tasked with designing everything.  I am so worried.  I don’t want it to look stupid.  It is going to look stupid.  Ugg.  If I have time to read I think that I will be reading more Kafka on the Shore.  I’m really enjoying it.  I just have no time.  None of it.  I spent it going outdoors for once.

What are you going to read this weekend?


2 thoughts on “We were in the outdoors! #Fridayreads”

  1. Beautiful pictures! I would love to have waterfalls and a river to be able to walk to when I felt like it. Good luck with the literary magazine! I’m the editor-in-chief of mine too and we set our deadline for the end of May, so now I have to figure out how to format everything and I’m terrible with computers 😦

    Btw I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, but no pressure to do it 🙂 Here’s the link:

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