Monday Musing: The Twisted Neck Edition

So, I have been missing from the internet for the past week mostly due to the fact that I came down with Acute Torticullis, or twisted neck, or muscle spasms in the neck.  Whatever makes more sense to you.

You might have experienced a mild version of this if you have ever woken up in the morning after “sleeping wrong” and it hurts to turn your head to the side.  Now imagine that pain from turning your head to the side but it lasts for almost a minute and happens randomly throughout the day even if you are not moving.

Ice doesn’t help.

Pain Meds aren’t strong enough.

Heat will help spread out the spasms but they still happen.

I spent three days lying in bed in excruciating pain with a heating pad practically glued to my neck and icy hot patches in constant rotation before I finally went to the Health Center on campus.

The staff was very kind to me especially since I was crying because the pain was so bad.  (To put this into perspective: When I was in seventh grade I broke my wrist in multiple places and that dislocated my radius which meant I needed surgery to fix it.  I did not cry when that happened.  I merely said ow that kind of hurt and my wrist became swollen)  I was crying hysterically from the pain in my neck.  Not a fun time.

I had to miss classes and I was informed that the spasms were most likely caused by tension in my neck and shoulder caused by stress.  Being stressed out was not news to me, I have a knack for overloading myself and not being able to say no or ask for help when I need it.

In any case it put me out of commission for a while.

My Maman came up for the weekend and I got to stay with her in the motel and spend time decompressing and just being off campus for a bit which helped.  Plus the high grade Ibuprofen and Muscle Relaxants the Health Center gave me didn’t hurt either.

I was also able to buy some books both new and used as we went walking through the commons yesterday.

That means I have a book haul coming for you guys on Friday.

On Wednesday I will post my review for Aristotle and Dante Discover the secrets of the Universe because we were never able to get a live stream of it.  Everybody’s schedules became to mixed up.  Perhaps I can get Taylor to add his two cents in to my post, we shall see.

I have been reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami and I will try and finish it this week as I implement a one hour of reading before bed regiment.


Song of the Week: Sorry I’m Not Sorry by Tessa Violet and 치사 Bounce by M.I.B.


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