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Spring Break Book Haul

This is a teeny tiny haul.  I bought these books for super cheap as well!  Poor college student purchasing activate!

I’m going to leave these at home because I have more books than I can read in my bookcase at school and I am not particularly jumping to read these now.

Both books were $3 a piece.  Great price for two interesting books that I will probably read over the summer.



Book number one is definitely a summer read, and for children aged 8-12 according to the inside flap.  It is a story of two young girls, one a visiting relative, the other a foster child.  Both girls are apparently complete opposites but through events and circumstances end up working together and finding out they have more in common than they originally thought.  It takes place on Cape Cod and my home state is Massachusetts, so I must love it out of principle.





The second book that I purchased is an adult novel which was originally priced at $24.95 according to the inside flap.  This book takes place in a small town in Iowa and has a male protagonist.  He lived with his crazy grandmother and when she becomes ill he gets to go out in the world and experience what normal life is.  There appears to be a cult aspect to this book and the idea of what you know not being everything.  It could definitely be interesting.  I also really like the cover.



There you go, a super quick, super short, super cheap spring break book haul.

Oooooooh, interesting weird books.  I have such eclectic taste!  You might see a review for these books coming up at some point.  Summer?  Yes? No? Who knows, not me!

Super quick and super short post!  I am back to school now.  We shall see if I can keep up with this blog.  I am so busy.  Dying slowly.  Things will happen.  Hopefully.


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