Mo-Tuesday Musings: Updates -Spring Break version!

So it is now Spring Break.  I actually have time to breathe, and write blog posts again.  Last week was midterms, and it sucked.  I hate exam weeks.  I get super stressed out and then I don’t sleep and then I get sick and then I don’t do well.

That is behind me now, for the most part.  The grades will last forever.

I listened to half of an audio-book on my way home and I will listen to the other half on my drive back and perhaps do a review for you!

I am more than halfway through Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz and will most likely finish reading it tonight.  The Bibliomancers are reading it along with me so you can expect a video up from us soon!

I will hopefully finish American Gods and Wool while I am home and have time as well.

After not reading a single book for myself last month I think I will gorge myself on them this week while I don’t have classes, or work, or projects, or anything.  I have time to breathe and do what I need to do.

I bought new reading glasses yesterday as well as a new pair of sunglasses:

(If you were wondering, I still look like a librarian when I wear them.  It is either a blessing or a curse.  Perhaps it is my destiny)

The sunglasses are chocolate and mint, as opposed to my current black and blue zebra print, totally a rave master ones.  I prefer the new ones.

Taylor and I did a test run of something we plan on starting up in the future.  Look forward to it.  It will be magical I promise.

I hope you guys are having a good week, whether you are on break like I am or just trucking along!  Read long books and prosper!

P.S.  The song of the night is Care by BriBry.


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