Organizing my Surroundings

I have found that I like to organize things.

This is something that I have always done.  My childhood friends’ parents loved me because I would sit there and clean and organize the toys in their living room or the chords attached to their video games or the art supplies.  I had to be the best kid to them.  I didn’t do this so much in my own room though so my Mom would probably have argued otherwise.

When I start to organize my own things it is most likely because I feel cluttered.

My surroundings look cluttered, but they have always looked cluttered, I like the homeyness, the lived in feeling of cluttered.  I am not one to love the sterile space with everything perfectly aligned (unless we are talking about the art on my walls or my bookcase which are perfect always or I’ll have a conniption).  It is when I start to feel cluttered that I begin organizing my own surroundings.

I have been doing this all weekend, because my brain is so cluttered I am starting to lose things.  I forgot to do something, or say something, or send something.  I could have sworn I did that … or did I just think about doing that?  I wrote an entire paper and then deleted it without saving which then meant I had to rewrite the entire thing during my lunch period rather than eating lunch.

When this starts happening I begin to feel itchy.  My space is a mess, why isn’t anything organized?  I start organizing but I’m organizing the physical not the mental so it never seems to help.  This weekend I went out and purchased a bunch of colored pens to bring back the use of a planner.  Something I haven’t used since high school, because frankly if I don’t write down everything I need to do, I’m going to miss something.

I have always had a calendar up on my wall to tell me when major essays, exams, or projects are due so that I can keep the long term deadlines in check.  I need something for the day to day now, and while I have tried to use the reminders on my phone.  It is much too tedious and annoying to enter every single homework assignment into that thing.  Instead I am going to use a small notebook and colorful pens.

I also use the pens to take notes, this is something I have always done.  My long time pens all ran out last semester so I had been using black pens this semester and dear god is it boring.  I never realized that I used the colorful pens not only to help me organize sections within my notes but also just to make me feel better.  It is so depressing to stare at black words on white pages all day long, I need a little color in my life, especially in winter in New York State.

If you are feeling like your brain is too cluttered this is my advice to you:

1.  Do what you need to do to your environment to feel comfortable to start rooting through your head.
2. Write down each day the things you need to accomplish as well as the things you want to accomplish because even if you can’t do everything you will know what can wait and what is essential.
3. Have a calendar with your long term deadlines mapped out so that you can see when to start working on certain projects, so you aren’t doing the whole thing the night before.
4. Use colorful pens to make it seem less like a chore and to help break up the monotony.
5. Put on music that makes you happy while you do your work.  Not just relaxing music but something that makes you smile.  I always get a kick out of the music from Broadway plays meant for kids(Shrek the Musical and The Addams Family Musical are my favorites).  There is some really good humor in there.  Perhaps try some Kpop because most of it is so sticky sweet that you can’t help but be amused.

That is what I am doing today, and it is time that I go to dinner and then to work, so I am going to pack it up and talk to you soon.  I might have a surprise for next week, I’m not sure yet, let’s see how things go.  Have a great week guys and keep the mental clutter at bay.


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