Bookshelf Organization: Shelfie and #fridayreads

Whenever I am stressed out I like to reorganize my bookshelves.  Taking things apart and putting them back together in a meaningful way is always an adventure.

Tonight was one of those nights:

If you are wondering, the organization used to be book height.  I did my best to get as level an edge as I could with all of the sections.

Now to the new set up!

I organized it by color tonight.

To me organization by color is the most visually appealing.  Bookshelves that are organized by color always seem the most put together.  I know that some of you are looking at this and cringing because book in a series aren’t together or books by the same author aren’t together.  My mom always advocated for alphabetical by author’s last name in the organization of bookshelves (it must be the tiny librarian in her wanting to be set free).

Another thing I learned from this experience is that I seem to be attracted to red books in bookstores because I had to dedicate a whole shelf solely to red whereas ALL THE OTHER COLORS fit on another shelf.  Also where the orange books at?  Orange is one of my favorite colors there is a series lack of representation here.  Perhaps I should browse some Penguin books for my next shopping haul.

Also I should note that this is my bookshelf at school, it only houses books I have not read yet but own, and those are all of the books I own but have not read.  I hear people all the time saying that they have over a hundred books on their TBR shelf.  I have less than 50.  My mom only has books she hasn’t read because as soon as she reads a book she either gives it to someone else to read and have or she donates it.  Most of my lovely books are boxed up and sitting in one of the cubby holes at my Mom’s house until I have my own space for them.

I also have all of my textbooks sitting on a shelf over my desk so they are not in this haul.


Also the books I am currently reading sit next to my bed rather than on the shelf.  If you are wondering I am still working through Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, I have started reading Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman, and I am in the middle of The Big Sleep for my Detective Novel class.

What are you guys reading this weekend?

I hope you have a great weekend and I will talk to you again on Monday!


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