Happy Valentine Day! Have some Kpop!

Happy Valentines Day my lovely followers!

Just for you I thought I would put together a playlist of some of my favorite Kpop songs, not all of them are related to love because I tried to include a variety of groups and dynamics.  If you have never listened to Kpop before or you have but you didn’t like it I would suggest checking out the playlist anyway because I have brought together a wide variety of concepts, genres, and groups.  I have both male and female artists and groups.  I even have one where the group plays their own instruments which is almost unheard of in the Kpop world (it is filled with way too much dub step).  At the bottom of this post I am going to list the songs that are in the playlist and tell you a little bit about each song so perhaps you can go straight to a song you will like rather than wade through something that isn’t quite to your taste.

The reason that I have fallen into the Kpop world is strange.  I often have a hard time sleeping and on one such night my brain decided to spit out the question, “Didn’t you hear a Kpop group called Girls’ Generation once … what ever happened to that?”  That, my friends, was a hole that I happily continue to fall within.  There is a certain whimsy to it that appeals to my sensibility and seems to steady my mood when I am having a particularly taxing day.

My personal tumblr page has since become a kpop fandom blog, which was not something I was expecting to come out of this whole ordeal, but not something I am particularly upset about.  It is a fandom and has many of the problems that I spoke about in my musings on tuesday, but it also helps me feel involved in something that happens on the opposite side of the world than I currently reside.

It has led me to learn a new language, which has led to the possibility that I go to Seoul for a semester to do an intensive language program abroad, which led me to thinking about taking a break from my schooling to teach English there for a year.  Ultimately I think that this hole is improving my person, plus it is just great to listen to.  I might be going through a phase and in ten years might not listen to it any more but I definitely think it is helping me now and that’s what is important.

If you are looking for love songs they are not hard to find in the Kpop world, most songs are inherently linked to love and relationships be it the cheery love song or the miserable reminiscing, there is definitely something for you.  If you are looking for something specific, be it genre or a specific song theme why not leave me a comment below.  I would be happy to recommend you some music!  I hope that you are having a good day and the the Pied Piper has been serenading you!  Now, on to my explanation of the songs:

1. MaMaMa by Tasty: This song has an old school hip-hop vibe.  It has a great beat and quick tempo.  Tasty, is composed of the twins 소룡 and 대룡 or Soryong and Daeryong respectively.  They debuted in 2012 but this is the single they put out last August, they are also currently promoting a song called Day ‘n Night if you like what you hear perhaps try listening to that here.

2. Gi Yeuk by G.I. (Global Icon): This song is more a mix of more modern hip-hope and a dance anthem.  It has a super catchy chorus and even if you can’t sing along you end up humming the tune.  The interesting thing about this girl group is that they promote a “guyish” image so they all have short hair and wear baggy pants and t-shirts rather than the more common tight form fitting dresses and skirts.  I also like their debut song Beatles which you can hear here if you like them.

3. Very Good by Block B (Blockbusters): Block B is one of my favorite groups in kpop their discography covers a wide variety of genres from hip-hop to pop to rock they have probably done something that you will enjoy.  This particular song is in the rock vein and the music video is based off of the opening to The Dark Knight film which definitely piqued my interest immediately.  They survived a scandal that caused them to change agencies and are coming back strong with their leader Zico as writer and producer for many of their tracks.  If you liked this I would recommend listening to their other two rock an:them singles Nillili Mambo and Nalina.

4. Electric Shock by f(x) (pronounced eff ex not eff of ex):  This group feels like Girl’s Generation’s little sibling probably because Krystal in this group is Jessica of Girl’s Generation’s younger sister and they are part of the same management company.  This was the song that introduced me to f(x) and it is one of my favorite Kpop songs that I have listened to in general.  You might recognize the song because funnyordie did a collab video with f(x) and Anna Kendrick that you can watch here if you are interested.  They have a very technnoesque sound and I think a good male equivilent would be Big Bang.

5. Bounce by JJ Project: Like the title would suggest this song makes me want to bounce around when I listen to it.  It is technically Khip-hop.  It has a great chorus and the dance that accompanies it is really funny and cute.  This duo is actually a unit-group (a smaller group composed of members from a larger group) from Got7 which debuted this January.  If you want to hear all 7 guys rocking out check out their debut single Girls Girls Girls.

6. Goodbye 20 by Lim Kim: If you are more of an indie fan then you might want to check out this track by Lim Kim.  She is technically an indie Korean singer.  Her music is acoustic but still has that happy pop feel.  I prefer this song by her but she also has a slower song called Rain that you might enjoy if you aren’t in the mood for something so sugary pop sweet.

7. Drawing the Line by Royal Pirates: This is the group that plays their instruments themselves.  Also while I linked to the Korean music video they did a version of this song completely in English that you can find both on youtube and in itunes.  If you would rather listen to music that you can understand the lyrics without a translation that is an option for you.  This song has a very 70s vibe and the music video feels like a one shot film.  If you like this song of theirs then perhaps look into their debut single Shout Out.

8. I Love You by 2NE1: The stats say that 2NE1 is the most popular Korean girl group in the United States so you might have already heard of them.  There is a reason for that standing.  They are a very talented group and their music is infectious.  This slow synth balad is great but their more upbeat songs like I Am The Best and Try to Follow me are just as great.

9. Hyde by VIXX: Now VIXX is my all time favorite Korean group I can listen to every single song that they have come out with thus far.  While Hyde is not my favorite of all their songs (that would be Voodoo), it has the best dance number yet.  If you like the song I would suggest watching them perform it live because it is crazy good, especially the finishing move.  All of their music is great so take a look at it. Plus they put out videos for their fans every week which you can see here.

10. Number 9 by T-ara: This was one of the first songs I found right after my Girls’ Generation kick.  While T-ara were part of a bullying scandal last year they are still around and this track is actually really groovy to listen to.  They synth that they use appeals to me.  The beat is a little slower and their voices are smokier.  I felt it would follow VIXX well because it is a little darker.  If you like T-ara there are a lot of similar girl groups you might want to listen to something by Brown Eyed Girls or SunnyHill.

Those were the songs.  What did you think?  Let me know!

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