2014 New Years Resolutions

I have never been much of a resolutions type person.  I don’t look at the new year and say this is year everything will change, I do however set short term goals all the time and I break or make those short term goals just as often.

That being said, I would like to discuss some of the goals I hope to be working toward this year.

The first goal pertains to my blog.  I want to try and post at least once a week though hopefully more than that.  I am going to try and do three posts a week but if my school work gets too cumbersome I am perfectly okay with cutting it back to one post a week.  If you are wondering what my three posts a week are going to look like I will give you some insight into what that will look.

I want to post a sort of life update or discussion type, musing post on Mondays, followed by a book review on Wednesdays, and Friday will be the wildcard.  Musing Mondays, book review Wednesdays, and wildcard Fridays seems like a good schedule for me.  This is of course subject to change as previously mentioned.

The second goal is to continue to learn Korean.  I really want to keep up with this, I don’t want to lose interest or become overwhelmed.  Without the structure of a class with a teacher’s expectations it is difficult but I am still motivated and interested after about a month and that seems to be a good sign.

Related to that I want to talk with my advisers about possibly studying the language abroad for a semester and then later teaching English in Korea.

If you are wondering about my reading goals I have committed myself to the 50 book challenge on goodreads which I accomplished last year.  I am already about a third of the way done thanks to Bibliomancy for Beginner’s “Thirteen Days of Misfortune”.  It is definitely a good start and will help when my inevitable annual reading slump rears its head.

I also want to read more adult novels, partly because I feel burnt out in YA at the moment and also because I miss the variety in my reading life.

That’s it for me.  Do you guys have any resolutions for the New Year?  If you do I wish you the best of luck in completing them and I hope you always hear the Pied Piper’s call.


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