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The First Review of the New Year: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

While this is not my first time reading Neil Gaiman’s words it is my first adult novel by him.  Previously I had read his Study in Emerald collection of short stories as well as Coraline.

I had already seen the movie several years ago and really enjoyed it.  Knowing that I enjoyed the storyline I was excited to see what new insights I would get from the novel.


Title: Stardust
Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: Avon
Page #: 333
Genre: Adult Fantasy

I have to say that I enjoyed the story just as much and while they did change a few minor details about the story the biggest change between the book and the movie is the ending.  The ending in the movie was much more fulfilling.  That might be because they sensationalized it a bit to look better on film but I think that helped.  The entire book was building up to this point and in the book its as if what you thought was a thrill ride turned out to be a kiddie roller coaster, there was barely a peak.

That being said I think that the characters and the wold of this book were better than the plot anyway.  The characters are all very unique and interesting.  There is a great cast of characters that I enjoyed spending more time with.  However, my favorite character from the film (*cough*Septimus*cough*) didn’t have very much air time in the book.  It was alright because I still enjoyed the other characters enough to live without him.

I will also add that I felt like the love that grows between the two main characters is not as believable in the book.  In the movie I was able to see and feel time passing better, and watch their interactions and relationship show the love that was growing.  I didn’t feel that way in the book.  It felt a little like Tristran settled for her in the book rather than actually falling in love with her.

Overall I felt it was still a good story with great characters but I think that the movie was a stronger adaptation.  That isn’t to say the book isn’t worth reading, it is just one of those instances where the story translated better to the audience through film rather than as a text.  Which is a rare occurrence indeed.

Today is the first day of 2014 and the blog is coming on strong.  I hope you guys are looking forward to my 2013 roundup tomorrow.  Have you added the Bibliomancy for Beginners hangouts to your calendar yet, it will be next Monday the 9th at 8:30.  I will keep you updated if anything changes.  If you have something you want to add or discuss about my review you are welcome to bring it up in the comments.  Have you read anything by Neil Gaiman?  What’s your favorite story that he has written?

I wish you all the best of luck in the New Year but for now, the Pied Piper is calling me and I’m sure you hear him too.


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