The Busiest Week that ever there was (BEDO)

*Blog Everyday in October

I am having the busiest week ever.  I had three essays due, an assignment due, and a final on friday.  Too many things to do.  Today I had work for four hour and I am so ready for a nap.  The problem with taking a nap is that I will have trouble falling asleep later tonight, which means I won’t want to get up for my Archaeology class in the morning and I have to go to that.

It also takes up time that I could be using to study or work on the essay due friday.  The problem is, I am probably going to attempt to take a nap.  I haven’t been sleeping well anyway.  Maybe the nap will help me relax.  Probably not.

Tomorrow I have two meetings on top of my usual class load and work.  The first is to possibly become an editor for ZOETIC one of the literary anthologies on campus.  The second to get the key to the lab and learn the procedures for my field work.

On monday my advisor invited me to help her with the research she is doing on campus this semester.  I will be studying the bones of infants.  While this is incredibly sad it will mean a lot when I attempt to apply for Graduate School’s next year.  She will be giving me a list of those to look into as well.

Too many things to keep track of.  Lucky for me next week is fall break and I get to go home for the long weekend.  Plus I don’t have anything major due after that for two weeks.  I can work on my long term projects and get ahead of the game perhaps.

I think I need this break that is coming up.

That has been my week, how are you guys doing?  I have class in a bit so I think I’ll get going, as always The Pied Piper is calling to me.  I just wish it were sleep instead.


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