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The Stranger by Albert Camus Review (BEDO)

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This book had one of the single most frustrating second halves to books I have ever read and I want to rant about it but I can’t because spoilers.  There is a rant in me that wants to come out.

Title: The Stranger
Original Title: L’Etranger
Author: Albert Camus
Translator: Mathew Ward (from French)
Page #: 123

This was a respectively quick read.  A short book that was essentially split into two parts.  The first following a guy around his everyday life for a few weeks, the second being a trial and its outcome.  The first half was perfectly fine, I enjoyed all of the different vignettes of life Camus gives us within there.  I especially liked the scenes walking to the funeral and the description of the old man who lives near the main character as well as that old man’s dog.

While the writing style can be simplistic at times it is also incredibly beautiful.  It has moments of incredibly vivid imagery and moments of simplistic description.  I enjoyed the writing very much and might look into some of his other works.

A thing to note about this novel, the narrator is totally a sociopath.  I had to keep reminding myself of this fact, it would be obvious at times and then he would do something and I would get all huffy and have to go, “He isn’t going to do things logically because he doesn’t think the same way.”  This probably didn’t help my frustration with the second half of the novel.

As a person who spent two whole years about her life learning about how the government works and then trials respectively this trial made me so outraged.  The trial was the biggest ruse of a trial with the most ridiculous outcome I have ever seen.  I want to explain why, but I won’t because spoilers.  Just understand that it is terrible, well written, but not the way things should have gone down.

Some people have mommy issues and some people get put on trial and all’s well that ends well or not.

There you have it my short little review of The Stranger for its short length with the beginnings of a rant but not a full on rant.  I hope you guys are having a good weekend so far.  I have so much due next week for school that it is time for me to get back to working on that stuff and as always The Pied Piper is calling me.


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