Spirit of the Century Preplay Feelings (BEDO)

Firday nights are not always but often my night in my group of friends to be the gm of a random campaign.  A couple weeks ago I discussed with my players that the campaign I had been playing with them for almost a year felt like it had run its course.  It was a Grimm campaign by the way and it was very fun.

Aside: Grimm is a role-play campaign that takes place in a land where all of the different characters from fairy tales live together but its a bit twisted.  Some good guys are evil some bad guys are good its very case sensitive though.  It is based on the Grimm fairy tales but the system allows for you to incorporate anything you want (I added in a little Pendragon thing for them all).  The players are children and they fall into certain archetypes which have different pros and cons and can sort of correlate with the classic classes.

Anyway back to tonight.  I am starting a new system called Spirit of the Century which is based off of pulp fiction.  Not Pulp Fiction the movie but pulp fiction the genre as in basically super heroes before they were super heroes.  It is based off of things like The Shadow or even Indiana Jones could be considered pulp fiction.  Humans who are talented in some aspect fighting a greater enemy be it rich men with poor intents, nazis, a foreign government, etc.

Tonight I am having all of my players get together to build their characters because character creation in this universe is built on their background.  Their stories are really important to the game they use their stories to decide their skills and they basically get to make up their own skills.  They can create their own nemesis, they have partnered up with some of the other people before and could have hidden relationships or feelings toward them.  There could be love triangles as well as action adventure fighting.

Plus this all takes place in the 1920s.  It sounds like it will be brilliant and I am super excited and perhaps I will tell you all some stories as time goes on.

Tomorrow’s post will be an actual book review, because it has been a while since I completed a book I wanted to talk about.  I have one, because it made me angry and some time next week I will post a review of the book I talked bout yesterday that is frustrating me all to hell.

I have some more prep work for tonight to work on so the Pied Piper is calling me, talk to you again soon.



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