(BEDO) DNF books

Now, it is very rare that I don’t finish a book deliberately.  Rarely do I start a book and put it down with the intent not to pick it up some time.  There are plenty of books I have started that I put down for something else with the intension of picking them up again someday when they call to me.  Here are the few reasons why I might decide not to finish a book:

1. The author does something to a character that I like to further the plot.  I am not talking killing them, I have read through that, but like some random event happens and messes with a character I like.  I find this most effects me if it is an antihero that I like and the author does something to make them be villainous after they have attempted to be better.

2. A character acts extremely out of the established character in a way that annoys me beyond all hell.  If I can’t stand the character I don’t want to continue reading, and even if I can stand the character but I feel the writer is sort of god moding to further the plot, blargh.  This sort of ties in to the last one.  Stop messing with the characters, make it organic.

3. Genuinly just not liking the protagonist.  This isn’t always a turn off, but often.

4. When I am able to see throughout the majority of the novel each time the author sets something up in order to knock the character down.  It’s like watching somebody play jenga and make all kinds of moves that you know are ruining the structural integrity of this tower and you are just waiting for it to fall down on them.

5. If there is something in the book that a character says or does that genuinely offends me.  This is self explanatory.  I don’t want to read something that condones something I am wholly against.

That about covers it I think.  The book I am currently reading is threatening to be one of these DNF books.  I don’t know if I want to continue reading it.  I am three quarters of the way through so I might just push through it, but I’m still waiting for the tower to fall.  It is going to happen.

Sorry this is late but I had an uncomfortable amount of homework, including watching an entire movie and working on an essay.

Now I need to go see what is happening in my youtube subscription box and the Pied Piper Calls.


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