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BEDO: a.k.a. Blog Everyday in October: a.k.a. Watch Michaela Slowly Descend into Madness before NANOWRIMO

So this month I think I will try my hand at blogging everyday.  This might get difficult at times but I am going to try and get some blogs stacked and prepared for days when I don’t have the time to write up a full blog post.  Some of the posts like tonight’s will be about books, some of them will be my usual musings, other times I might just have a stream of consciousness, who knows.  All I know is this should be interesting if nothing else.

This evening I went to Barnes and Noble with two of my friends and I thought I would tell you guys about the books I bought tonight plus the books I’ve bought in the past month.  Brief, easy, simple enough.

Tonight I bought:



This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales which has been on my too read list for not that long.  I most likely saw it on booktube somewhere.  It is a YA contemporary novel about an unpopular girl becoming an extremely popular DJ.








Next I bought The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider.  I have been watching Robyn’s videos for about a year now and I am excited to read her book.  This is a YA contemporary romance about a popular boy losing his popularity due to a knee injury and falling in step with the strange new girl.






Earlier in the month I bought The Stranger by Albert Camus translated from the original French by Mathew Ward.  I am currently halfway through with this one and guys, its silly.  This is a literary fiction novel about a sociopath who shoots a guy for no apparent nor logical reason.






Next I bought Night Film by Marisha Pessl.  This is brand spanking new and pretty in hard cover plus it is matte and that always feels so nice on my hands.  It is an adult mystery novel about a man trying to solve some murders and possibly losing everything, again, in the process.






I got The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier % Clay by Michael Chabon.  This is basically a comic book turned into a novel.  Adult fantasy with two guys who start writing and drawing comics and the story in those comics.  Fun!







Finally I purchased Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by David Foster Wallace.  This was an impulse buy.  Its a series of imagined interviews with men about the relationships they have had with women.  I thought it would be interesting if nothing else.





I hope you guys enjoyed this little snippet.  I am going to try and get some new reviews up because I have been reading books both for school and on my own though still not as much as I would like.  I think I am coming out of my reading slump and that is good because I need to get prepared for NANOWRIMO and I always get in the mood to write from watching good movies and reading good books.  So we shall see.



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