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Bibliomancy for Beginners: Ep. 12, Possesion

Hey look I’m posting a thing, that went up two weeks ago, don’t kill me.

Since two members of Bibliomancy for Beginners chose not to read the book and didn’t show up for the Hangout either you will have to make due with the discussion of myself and Taylor.  It is humorous if nothing else.  As usual I will add information about the book but everything I had to say about it I said in the video because we had to fill space and time with only two opinions so really just watch that.  Instead the majority of the text in this post will be talking about why I have been afk as far as this blog is concerned.

The night that video went up I moved into my dorm on campus once again.  The following week was almost nonstop job training and this week classes started.  Since Bibliomancy for Beginners is being postponed while every one settles in and might not even start up again until winter break I will do my best to post book reviews for the books that I read on my own for the time being.

My class schedule this term will definitely cut into my personal, for fun, reads but I read a handful of books over the summer I can talk about and being an English major I might occasionally talk about a book I read for class.

In other news Taylor and I might start filming so gaming videos and I am saving my nickles and pennies to buy myself a camera.  That camera will be used for both photography and videography that might end up here on this blog.  Who knows.  It probably won’t happen any time soon though because a good camera, even an old used one, is expensive and I am a poor college student.  This is the sucky nature of suck.

I hope you guys are having fun and I know I always say this but I promise I will do my best to post more regularly from now on.  I am working on making myself a schedule to try and maintain.

Title: Possesion
Author: A. S. Byatt
Publisher: Vintage
Genre: Romance? (it says so on the cover so … I guess)
Page #: 555

There is the video for you guys and I hope to hear from you soon.  If you ever have anything to say don’t be afraid to leave me a comment I appreciate the feedback really.  Plus, who doesn’t like making creepy internet friends?

I have more homework to do so that particular Pied Piper is calling to me, enjoy the rest of the long weekend if you have one and I’m sorry if you don’t!

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