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Not Bibliomancy for Beginners: :(

So while I would normally be writing up a review for this weeks Bibliomancy for Beginners Episode it would seem that with summer winding down and the excitement or anticipation for school to begin again has lowered some of our wills to continue reading.

Both Gretchen and Rachel expressed that they did not have the time to read A. S. Byatt’s Possession last week and since it is well over 500 pages Taylor and I decided to give ourselves an extra week to read it in case Gretchen or Rachel could read some of it and so that we could perhaps finish it.

We will see how that goes because I am only about 30 pages in.  :/

I am back on the matter of being in a reading slump.  I just don’t want to read right now.  This weekend I have so many work hours that I will be reading this book during, but I will also be driving for four and half + hours to get to school next Tuesday when the video is set to air.

Today I think I will try and get to at least page 200 … I can do that, I have the time.

If you want to join us I have created a new twitter account to associate with this blog in an attempt to boost publicity, see how that works.  Social Media you are important.

Follow @piedpipercalls on twitter to hear when the new video will be live and as always I will try and post a review with the video on Wednesday.

Things that you guys should know is that the next month of Bibliomancy for Beginners is meant to be filled with the Must Reads.  Each of the books that we have chosen to read for that month is a book we read and really enjoyed and feel the other should either read just because or read because we think they will enjoy it.

Keep in mind that we will at the same time be figuring out how to juggle this and our school work.  Since three of us are English majors (which entails dubious amounts of reading homework on its own) we may have to switch to biweekly videos.  When we get together we will discuss this in more detail.

Well, I really need to get on to this book.  As of late I haven’t been posting review for the books that I read on my own on the blog but I think I will try and begin doing that as well.  I have thirty or so pages left of Open City by Teju Cole and perhaps that will be the start to the individual reviews.

If you guys have an book suggestions for me you can leave them in the comments (either personally or for Bibliomancy for Beginners) or if you just want to say “Hey, I read your post.” I wouldn’t mind that.  One of my favorite things is talking about books and reading otherwise I wouldn’t have made this blog.  I promise I won’t bite.

Hope you guys have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon, the Pied Piper is calling to me; can you hear him?


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