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Bibliomancy for Beginners: Ep. 11. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her own Making

Gosh that was a long title.  Also you might be wondering a few things, 1. Michaela that says eleven what happened to ten; 2. Why didn’t you post a thing last week; 3. You promised us a video where you didn’t know what you were talking about because you didn’t read the book two weeks ago; 4. It’s Friday Michaela this shit was supposed to by up on wednesday what’s your problem?

Well all those answers and more can be found below.

Title: The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairland in a Ship of her own Making
Author: Catherynne M. Valente
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Genre: YA/Middlegrade Fantasy
Page #: 247

Well last week I was supposed to upload a video about Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park.  I made a post about how I hadn’t read the book because I hadn’t felt like reading for a while and just couldn’t get through the book.  Well apparently none of us could.  We were going to power through and make a video discussing why we couldn’t finish the book and discuss the movie which we all were able to sit through but as it would seam Google hated our stream as much as we did because it cut out twice and after the second time we decided to call it a night and reconvene the next week to talk about the above novel.

Yes this was supposed to be up on Wednesday but every once and a while I lose track of the days and suddenly it is Friday.  (aka I spent the two evenings playing Guns of Icarus Online with my friends)  At least I am getting to it now.  Enjoy.

This was an enjoyable read.  It was light in the way that I wasn’t reading about suicide and war but still had enough emotion to cause me to do the thing where I rock back and forth on my bed in fetal position clutching the book to my chest like a mental patient.  I promise you I am not a mental patient … I just have anxiety over characters be tortured or dying.  Not a fan.

As the above paragraph would suggest the characterization is great.  I loved many if not all of them even if I wish there was more time or more influence given to some *cough*Saturday*cough*.  I also didn’t understand our antagonists reaction.  I agree that her plight was horrible and completely unfair, but I don’t understand how she made such a complete and total one eighty that fast.  What good did her actions do.  Spite, I get it, it doesn’t need to make sense.

I loved the lore and the setting as well.  Although to me it was slightly confusing I have no idea where anything is in relation to the rest, its all a big mushy amalgam of Fairyland.  Which I don’t think detracts from the novel for me but people who like to have maps would definitely have benefited from one.  Some people need to know where everything is for continuities sake.  Some people just love the lore of it.  Perhaps the magic of Fairyland makes it that mushy transient place but I got the feeling that some places were stationary while others might drift.

The plot was reasonably paced pausing to allow for slight intrigue into the lore of a place but moving overall quickly from place to place.  There were a few stops that I didn’t think were entirely necessary for the over arching story line but were fine for characterization.  Not necessarily necessary if you would. (I’m not funny … or punny … or anything like that)

I recommend it even if you are an adult but I think its fine for kids as young as 12 although I admit they might want to have a dictionary at hand.  I noticed that there were moments where the vocabulary seemed to reach beyond the age group to which the book is marketed.  Good, yes good.

If you have read the novel and want to hear what my friends and I though about the specific characters and scenes of the novel then watch the video.  You don’t have to have read the book but we might spoil it for you if you haven’t.  It is bound to be a fun and hilarious time if nothing else.  Plus Taylor and I reminisce about Key Captain McCaptain Key one of the NPCs in a game of fiasco we played a while back.

It is now time for me to go to bed, also I was listening to Demon Kitty Rag by Katzenjammer the entire time I was writting this and you should to.

Oh and if you want to watch the fail of a video on Mansfield Park you can find it on my YouTube page through that video as well.

I hope you all have a pleasant Friday, I will be working :/.  Two weeks left until I return to school … but for now, that Pied Piper will always be calling to me won’t he.


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