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Not Top Ten Tuesday; Rather a Musing Blog Post.

While I try to post a Top Ten Tuesday blog post, well on Tuesdays, today instead I think I’ll talk to you about reading and where I’m at right now in my relationship with books.  (If you want to read a Top Ten Tuesday post then head over the The Broke and the Bookish’s blog and search through any of the hundreds of links at the bottom of their post.)

I watched a video posted by Ariel Bisset earlier this week that I whole heartedly agreed with.  She commented about how some readers feel that it is natural to take a break from reading.  She also commented on how because some of us have an audience that expects a books review weekly or whatever that there is a pressure to be reading constantly.

Like Ariel, I am a reader who in a way binges and purges.  I will go days, weeks, months without reading and then one day pick up a book and in a short period of time have read many others.  Don’t get me wrong I love reading and I love delving into stories, but sometimes you just don’t feel like reading.  I think I am in one of those phases right now because there are numerous books on my bookcase that I purchased because I was excited about reading them at some point and they still sound interesting, but they aren’t calling out to me.

I’ve tried to read various books over the past two weeks and just couldn’t do it.  I didn’t want to get into it.  I know that it isn’t the fault of the books but merely my own feeling that I don’t really want to be reading right now.

I have a weekly book club with my friends which I know all of the people who follow my blog here know about and even though we had a grace period of two weeks for this book, I wasn’t able to read it.  I didn’t shirk it for other books that I was more enthusiastic about because I couldn’t read those either.

Part of me feels terrible because I made this commitment, but the rest of me knows that, I just can’t read right now.  I don’t think that makes me a bad reader or a bad friend, it just means I will be moderating tonight and not discussing much.

I don’t know how long this reading break will last, hopefully not too long because I have a nice lead on my goodreads challange for this year that I don’t want to lose, but this is the exact reason that I have that bumper space, sometimes I just can’t keep shoveling stories into my brain.  Sometimes I want to do other things.  Like sleep or watch movie, or play video games … but mostly sleep.

How is your relationship with books right now?  I’d love to know, tell me about it in the comments.

I hope you guys are having a great day and check out my youtube page {} tonight at 10:00 for the next Bibliomancy for Beginners episode live.  The others will be discussing Mansfield park.  I will be there to look cute.

Talk to you later or in the comments below because for now, the Pied Piper is calling me.


2 thoughts on “Not Top Ten Tuesday; Rather a Musing Blog Post.”

  1. Sometimes I’ll breeze through three or four books in a week, and then other times take a week or longer just to finish one… I go through cycles like that fairly regularly, though it’s been a while since I took a break from reading altogether.

    1. Yeah, I definitely have cycles like that as well. Although I often attribute the amount of time it takes me to read a novel to either the genre or the pacing of the book. The more I’m enjoying the book often the faster I will read it, or if a writer is particularly good at the flow I will be caught up in it and read faster than I would with a novel that has several slow points where I feel comfortable putting the book down for an evening.

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