Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things to Avoid

Alright my mom was always proud that when I was little I would pick up any book and read. While that is not entirely true today, I am still a fairly open minded reader. There are stories or genres I know I have a tough time getting through and I tend to avoid. Although, I do trust my friends opinions and will read a book on their recommendation even if it would have normally been on my avoid list.

1. High fantasy:
You would be surprised based on the number if reviews I have had to do on high fantasy novels for book club but oh my gawd are they slow. Now I will say that I do still read then, but the back of the book has to be interesting or one of my friends has to sing its praises.

2. Obvious remakes:
I am not the biggest fan of books that are obviously remakes of another story. Whether that be an up dated Shakespeare drama or a fairy tale retelling, I prefer original story ideas. That’s a personal quirk because I have friends who swear by some retellings (and then there are always those nuts who say there are only thirteen different plots that have been recycled over and over that would say I am a hypocrit).

3. Old books:
I definitely prefer contemporary literature. Now I say contemporary but really I am fine with anything as old as the mid 1800s before that and I get a bit bored. Not because the writing is bad or the stories or dreary but because I have to work to hard to get into the mindset of the world. Probably why I don’t like those high fantasy novels as well.

4. Based on a movie:
You heard me correctly. There are books based on a movie not the other way around. I am giddy about movies that are written for film it upsets me when they get turned into literature. While I don’t have a problem with movies based on books part of me wonders why we feel the need to relive the same story through a different medium. The story was written for one or the other and will only be pure and whole in that state. They always lose something in the translation, a few exceptions excluded.

5. Love triangles:
Oh my god I hate it. I just hate it. I honestly prefer the Anita Blake orgy to the ooooh I can’t choose ones perfect for me but the other is hot and my best friend blah blah blah. Don’t even get me started on the brothers fighting over the same girl trope. Ugg. No.

6. Aliens:
I was traumatized by a ride at Disney world as a child of all things. It has made me wary of space science fiction. Not because I think it will scare me but because I feel I won’t enjoy it as much.

7. Dystopia:
Now this is rather vague. I have never really been a fan of books that take place in worlds that have disintegrated. I much prefer showing the dark side of reality in other ways. They seem too drastic. I think that a book that shows the flaws in a utopia is more interesting than saying look at this messed up society and all the people suffering. It just isn’t my kind of story.

8. Nonfiction:
While I often love nonfiction in my television or film choices I don’t so much want to read about real people. There are obviously always exceptions to this as well. If it pertains to a person or era I find interesting I might give it a try but my nonfiction reading stands at about .00001% not including books for my classes.

9. Hype:
Now this won’t appear on the dust jacket, but it is something I often try and avoid. Unless it is a modern classic I don’t really feel the need to read the latest pop culture trend in literature, YA or otherwise. I prefer walking through the stacks in my bookstore until something catches my eye or hearing about a lesser known book from bloggers. It isn’t that I don’t think the hyped story would be good .. But I am not drawn to it. I don’t know maybe I feel like I am helping out a lesser known artist by reading the books that aren’t in the limelight.

10. Nerds:
Now I would consider myself a nerd and I know my friends are, but too many times in a novel has the need trope been so stereotypical to the point of being insulting that it has turned me off the idea. Now this is the exception not the rule because as of late especially in YA authors have been getting it right. The stereotypical brat pack group of teenagers have melded together as it should be. The more complex your characters are the more realistic they are. Making them the icon of their trope doesn’t make them relatable it makes them fake.

Well that’s what I think anyway. I typed this whole thing on my iPhone because my computer is on the fritz. If and when it’s back up and running I’ll post the link back to the original blog. For now this will have to do because the Pied Piper is calling me.


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