Big Book Challenge: Update.

So I said that I would do the big book challenge and that means that every book over 400 pages that I read this summer counts toward the challenge.  I don’t believe that I will do a full review for all of them but every once and a while I will do a mini update and first thoughts.

Most recently, I finished Affliction by Larurell K Hamilton.  It is the 22nd book in the series and I have read every single one of them.  This is my favorite paranormal romance series by far, because it is also a noir murder mystery and badass vampire hunter series.  This was a great book.  Even if one of my favorite characters died, and no I won’t tell you who.  This beast weighs in at 570 pages.

Before that for book club I read Throne of Glass which I have a full review of on my blog.  This is a light one in the heavy weight category at 420 pages.

Before that, also for book club, was The Innocent Mage.  Likewise it has it’s own review on my blog.  This one is the longest up to this point at 642 pages.

I have begun to read The Wise Man’s Fear but it will take me time to get through it.  (I am a bit sick of high fantasy at the moment)  It has over 1,000 pages though so it will be a beast to tackle.


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