Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books Involving Travel

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It took me a little while to come up with my top ten books involving travel, I have to say.

1. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour – It’s a road trip book.  They go across the country.  It’s cute and fun and the music recommended throughout is great as well.

2. Name of the Wind – While a good portion of the book is set in one place the opening of Kvothe’s story involves traveling across the lands for various reasons.  Either with his family as they travel to perform or in order to get to the school and learn magic.

3. Pendragon – Travelling through space and time to fight Saint Dane.  This entire series involves some interesting Travelers. 😀 See what I did there?

4. Narnia – Through the wardrobe and into a fantastic land, not to mention travel around that fantastic land.

5. Swiss Family Robinson – Family having a nice outing in a boat, when suddenly they are shipwrecked on an island.  This was one of my favorite classic’s as a child.

6. The Host – Again while most of this book is set in one place there’s a short road trip and travel through the desert.  That counts right?

7. The Fault in Our Stars – Vacation to Amsterdam via plane.

8. The Night Circus – Traveling circus.  Not to mention magic and all that other cool things that come with the circus,

9. Watchmen – There’s a few trips to mars and back with Dr. Manhattan, plus a short excursion to the arctic.  There’s a bit of moving around done here, whether by owl plane thing or teleportation.

10. Warm Bodies – Alright, I’m stretching here, there’s a bit of zombie marching practice and a car ride … not very far … oh well … I was running out of things to put and they do move from one place to another, so I say it counts.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books Involving Travel”

    1. That is crazy, I was having a hard enough time picking books for one list … which is probably why there is a weird smattering of books I’ve read in the past two years and books I read while in middle school. I’ll check out your lists as soon as I post this response!

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