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Book Review and Club Discussion; City of a Thousand Dolls

Title: City of a Thousand Dolls
Author: Miriam Forster
Publisher: Harper Teen
Page #: 359
Genre: YA Fantasy

Surprise Monday afternoon book club hangout.  Since one of our members will be attending a concert during our normal air time we had to meet this afternoon.  Here is my first impression and review but if you want to hear me and some friends talk about the book in more detail feel free to watch the video below.  We all seemed to agree about the book.

While the premise of this book was interesting and the world building was also quite interesting (and strangely similar to the last book I read for book club) this book committed different cardinal book sins for me. There were several times that I felt as if the author was underestimating her readers. It may have been an attempt at foreshadowing or just trying to tie together pieces of the story but it appeared far to obvious to me. Readers aren’t stupid they can figure things out on their own, you don’t need to spoon feed it to them, even if the target audience is young adults.

The characters were good there were many that I enjoyed even none of them were particularly dynamic characters their single facets were sometimes interesting ones. There was only one character who seemed to do things that conflicted with her personality or rather underwent an extreme personality shift.  There were only a handful of men in the novel and really only one was shown in a good light and only two had redeemable qualities.

The writing was a little lacking, especially in the area of dialogue. It most definitely wasn’t the most beautifully written piece I’ve ever read.  I would recommend this more for a middle grade audience than a young adult one even though there may be certain topics such as mistresses, murder, and courtesans discussed in the novel the writing style is more adequate for that age group.

Knowing that I would also say that it is an interesting world to look at with interesting aspects the are worth looking into. If you want a quick read that doesn’t require much thinking this might be the book for you. Don’t go into this looking for a hit though. It is more like an exhasperated sigh as far as sound reviews go.


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