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The Book of Lost Things Review

I might not have told you about the book club that a few of my friends and I have started up.  It is every Tuesday at around 8:30 as I see it now.

Our first episode went up on Tuesday and we read The Book of Lost Things.  I will embed the video in this post in which we discuss how we felt about the book but if you want a spoiler free review I recommend only reading this post.

Title: The Book of Lost Things
Author: John Connolly
Publisher: Atria Books
Page #: 339
Genre: Adult Fiction

This book was my choice for the month and I have to say it lived up to my expectations.  I had heard about it from one of the booktubers I follow on YouTube and the description appealed to me so it made my list.  The group decided together that we would read it first and everyone enjoyed it even with some miner flaws.

The book follows David, a twelve year old boy struggling with the death of his mother and the remarriage and subsequent sibling the comes in the wake of that death.  As he sits in his bedroom in his stepmother’s home he recalls what his mother told him about how books call to us, until they literally start talking to him.  He will eventually be pulled into a fantastic world where fairy tales, Greek myths and modern (WWII era) machines meld.  We follow his journey to acceptance and manhood.

While I always fall in love with side characters like some quirky communist dwarves or the gay knight Roland who mentors David for much of his journey I do have to say that David was a good character to follow.  I often find main characters whinny or weak but David has many character traits that I find quite refreshing.  He is both a believable twelve year old and one that has to face all of his fears in quick succession.

There were moments where the writing was a bit confusing and at times it seemed a bit plot driven but overall it was a fast paced read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It isn’t one of the best pieces of literature that I will ever read, but it wasn’t so poorly written that it got in the way of my enjoyment.

If you like fairy tale retellings this books has a few that both call back to their original roots and just come completely out of left field.  You might enjoy this book.

This book is a great coming of age story and though it is a bit gory and graphic at some times I would say that it could be read by some younger readers.  Face your fears and take on the stories we know and love.

If you want to watch me and my friends talk about this book here is the video (although there were some technical difficulties for the first five or ten minutes, I promise we do get around to talking about the book).


If you want to know which book we will be reading next week so that you can tune in then it will be The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller.

I hope to see you then, for now the Pied Piper is calling me.


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