YouTube, Web Series, and Being Funny

So for almost a year now, I have wanted to start making videos on the YouTubes.  For all of that time, I haven’t.  I identify myself as an incredibly artistic person.  I love to create new things and last year while working on a video project for one of my classes I realized that I really enjoyed editing videos.  The most tedious and perhaps annoying part of video making was fun for me because I could work on transitions, on cutting the recording in a way that was coherent, and on making something look good.  I really enjoyed it.

The problem being that I had no idea what type of videos I would make.  I looked to the people I follow on the site.  If you break up my subscriptions you would see that I love to watch vloggers and sketch artists, I watch a fair amount of cooking channels, gamers, and many parts of booktubia.  I have an interest in all of these places but I don’t think that I could do something in any of these places.

I thought perhaps I could have a book channel but I don’t read often enough to put out book reviews, I don’t have enough money to constantly be buying new books, and when I do read a book often I find myself going yeah it was good the characters were rich the plot had a minimal number of holes but I’m not really saying anything.  I’m not sure anything I have to say could make someone want to read a book more than that book says for itself.  I wish I could just hold up a book and say, “Get a copy and start reading it.”

I looked next to the cooking shows.  While I love to cook I am at college and there for cooking is out of the question.  Perhaps once or twice a semester I will go to the grocery store and make myself a dinner but it really isn’t a thing I could do often.  I definitely could not afford all of the groceries necessary for the channel.  In no way am I a practiced chef either.  Nothing I would make would be something that people couldn’t find the same way I did.

I am very much a gamer but I am not hard core enough.  I play games occaisonally but I’m not a completionist I play the game for the story.  I don’t play to win most of the time.  I also don’t rate my games.  I don’t think about games in that way.  I would have the similar problem as I would with the books of just wanting to hold the game up and say, “Play it, you won’t regret it.  Don’t ask me why, just do it.”  These items should speak for themselves.  If it sounds interesting.  Try it.  You don’t need to watch me playing it because I might not play it the way you would and that would only frustrate you.  Play it yourself.

I was down to my last category. Those vloggers and sketch comedians.  I would love to do that.  A lot of my friends say that I have a good sense of humor   I think I have to much dignity to actually put that out there though.  I couldn’t dress up in costumes and be silly because it would embarrassed me.  I am not saying that sketch artists don’t have humility because they do.  I’m just saying that I most likely have too much.  As far as a straight vlogger goes.  I don’t think my life is interesting enough yet.  I have stories, but none of them are really worth telling.  At least I don’t think so.

Here is the dilemma and here comes the idea.

I have recently just started watching several web series.  A fictional story like a television show, but shown in smaller more intimate chunks.  Some using the traditional forms of YouTube others looking much more like a show in its own right.  This sparked an idea.

I could write a vlog about a fictional world and put that out into the internet.  I could pretend I had an interesting life.  Well not me persay but somebody.  The problem now is that I have an idea but have fallen into my own classic trap.  Is it good enough?

More often than not I hold myself to high standards.  I want to make something that people will look at and say is good.  The problem is that I am very rarily proud of the things I make. I can recognize what other people see in it but I also know what it could be.  The thing I make might look bright and shiny to everyone on the outside but the thing that I tried to replicate out of my head pales in comparison to the original.

I don’t want to make something that people won’t like but I also want to make something I like.  The idea that I have been mulling over I would enjoy making but I don’t know if anyone would enjoy watching.  I need to have both ends of the equation.  Perhaps I just need to work on it and make it.  I can qualify it as practice for something greater later on in life.  We will see.  We will see.


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