What do I do?

Has anybody else ever wanted to do something and had all of the tools to accomplish that task but do anything and everything related to said task without actually doing it.

For me it has everything to do with reading.  There are moments where all I want to do is read.  I am surrounded by books that I have wanted to read for a while and have excited and enticed me and yet I spend my time watching booktube videos or writing reviews of them myself.  Rather than cracking open some covers, even though they are sitting on my lap and I have every intention of delving into them, alas I still will avoid it.

It is a form of procrastination but a very different kind.  Usually one procrastinates in order to avoid tasks they do not enjoy or merely wish to postpone or prolong for whatever reason.  I seem to also procrastinate with the tasks I love doing.

Now sometimes, admittedly it has to do with the book I am reading at the time.  If I am not enjoying it and I do not want to continue reading it so it is the normal procrastination.  Sometimes I worry that something bad is going to happen to my favorite character, I have a good eye for you-have-given-me-all-the-feels-so-you-must-be-planning-to-hurt-them-somehow.  I always choose that character.  I also am completely aware the entire time that they might die.

So avoiding these stories proves to be normal.  The problem is when I want the stories.  When I am enjoying the stories or have not even started the stories.  In this case I wonder what is keeping me from them.

I think I should try and finish one soon.  It has been too long.  Anne of Green Gables please quench my literary thirst and quiet my worries.

The pied piper is calling me to read it is best to obey him.

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