Inspiration and Brain Crack

Now I have been bombarded with ideas from books I’ve been reading movies and TV shows I’ve been watching and life in general.  As someone who paints, draws and writes this is not an uncommon occurrence for me.  I stop, I see something and say, “That would make a great painting or that would make a great plot device with this character or that.”  It doesn’t usually progress from there.

Well I have been plagues over the last two weeks with recurring images.  It sparked ideas in my head.  This is similar to what happened just before NaNoWriMo.  That idea helped me write 50,000+ words in a month.  The problem was that I hadn’t though of an ending for that story so there it will sit just getting to the rising action some suspense built some not relieved filled with plot holes I’m sure from a lack of editing and consistency.

This new idea will take place in the same universe as my last idea.  I had taken character I had used in a previous story and placed them into the world I had made up and sort of smashed the plot until it fit there too.  As you would expect it wasn’t as wonderful as you might think it would be.  So I will let it be.  I may never pick it up again merely because it didn’t quite fit.  I love those characters but that story wasn’t quite right.  The new idea is generated as a stem from that original stalk.

I can totally see them fitting into this new world.  I can see me fleshing out the world because it is a beautiful and unique place to be.  I have cinematic shots in my head that I keep replaying and I have five unique characters with personalities and problems of their own.

Yesterday as I stared at a blank word document in horror trying to figure out how to put the images in my head into words I was discouraged from writing anything down at all.

Hank Green  calls a crazy idea like this that won’t let you be brain crack.  Your mind insists on chewing on it over and over until you are sick of it or until something else comes along to distract you.  Chewing on an idea can be great, but I also think that sometimes you need to put the metaphorical pen to paper.

So on the advice of one of my best friends I’d literally did that.  On some napkins and using a blue ball point pen I scribbled notes and bits of scenes nothing chronological.

This morning I typed it into my iPod’s notes.  Then I copied it to my computer this evening.

I took a break to watch one of my favorite films of all time “Stranger than Fiction” with my mother, stepfather, and brother.  One line in particular stood out from me.  The author says, “Like anything worth writing down it came to me suddenly and without method.”

This quote describe how I have come up with every interesting idea in my life.  It comes to you suddenly after looking, listening, or watching something.  It does not come from prompts in an random generator nor from sitting down and writing.  Sure if you sit down and write you will be able to write but that initial idea that spark that creates the kernel of something that could be utterly fantastic will come without warning.

I’m going to test the waters with this one.  Let’s see how things turn out.

For now, the pied piper is calling me.

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