Hello There.

For someone, who never sticks to anything, I have decided to start a blog where I do not commit to any one thing.  I won’t write just about something I have been thinking about.  I won’t box myself in to only posting pictures of the food I want to eat, will eat, or have made.  I won’t merely write about the books I have finished reading.  The reason for this being because every thought that passes through my brain does not need to be written down, every meal does not need to be documented, and not every book is worthy of an in depth review merely because I don’t have very many thoughts about it.

Some things are merely okay.  Other things are spectacular.  There are always things that are terrible.  Across the spectrum as a human being I have thoughts and impressions about each that I love to share.  I may not stick to this and I might abandon it like all of the other things that I have over the years.

Last month I made a big step in not giving up on things.  I completed nanowrimo, and I won.  I wrote 50,000 words in a month and while it is nowhere near a complete novel and probably about a third or more of the words I have written will end up being thrown away because it was the wrong direction to take it or it was just poorly written in general.  No matter what the reason for not needing those words is, I still have written them down and have finished something.  I met a goal.

I also met, and exceded, my reading goal on good reads this year.  This being my first year taking the good reads challenge I set my bar pretty low, only 25 books.  As of yesterday I have read 31 and I know I read more because there were some books over the summer I didn’t document and are escaping my brain now.

I figure that I have met these goals because I set a goal for myself.  It wasn’t merely do this thing everyday.  It was, this is a goal, lets see if we can meet it.  Let’s see if I really can read 25 books in year.  Maybe I can write 50,000 words in a month.  The thing is, you never know until you try.  So here I go, I will try.

This might end up being merely a reflection of my life.  I don’t have a particular need to share every aspect of my life but I do have a need to document it in some way.  Some people will post what they ate for dinner as a status on facebook.  Then there are food bloggers who are doing almost the same thing except for the fact that they take the time to show what they ate and tell us how they made it.  They do it in a more tasteful way and why not?

We are curious creatures human beings.  We love to see how things are made we love to look at things that are beautiful and make sense of them.  We like to adopt habits of others we deem awesome.  I might not be awesome but I may do something that someone else wants to try.  The least I can do is share my opinion or perhaps discourage others from making the same mistake that I have made.  Perhaps not.

All will be seen … in time.

For now, the pied piper calls me to action.


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